Business and Accounting are In Demand

As you drive around your city, you may notice many businesses, industries, and government offices. Did you know that almost every one of these companies and government entities has people with college degrees in business and accounting working for them?

As the Associate Dean of Business and Accounting, I’ve seen accounting and business careers offer a wide variety of opportunities that are a good match for many of our  business and accounting at Stevens-Henager College students. Besides your families and friends, an important factor in obtaining happiness is having a job that you enjoy, where you know that you’re accomplishing something important. A career in business or accounting can help get you there—it can provide the income necessary to support a family, and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

The Utah Department of Workforce Services showed 8,522 job openings in Utah at the end of January, 2012 (see Of these 8,522 job openings, 3,812, or 44.73% of the total, are in the business and accounting categories.

These careers are categorized by the Utah Department of Workforce Services as Business/ Finance, Management, Office/Administrative, and Sales, but I’ve run across even more excellent jobs available in the business and accounting field that may not be listed with the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Obtaining a degree is an important step in becoming qualified to obtain a job in the business or accounting field. Stevens-Henager College’s business and accounting program is unique, because the classes are geared toward helping students learn relevant job skills quickly and efficiently. Plus, I’ve worked to help make sure the instructors we hire at Stevens-Henager College have extensive “hands-on” experience in what they teach, and that they are committed to helping each student succeed.

Author Bio
Melvin Mark Brady is the Associate Dean of Business and Accounting at the Logan campus of Stevens-Henager College.

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