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Job Satisfaction in the IT Sector

    If you’re interested in a career path that’s full of opportunities, the IT sector is a smart place to look. Over the past two decades, the IT sector has grown consistently, even throughout the burst of the dot … Continue reading

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Business and Accounting are In Demand

As you drive around your city, you may notice many businesses, industries, and government offices. Did you know that almost every one of these companies and government entities has people with college degrees in business and accounting working for them?

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Review: Fun at the LAN Party at Stevens-Henager College-Provo/Orem Campus

The Provo/Orem campus of Stevens-Henager College is grateful to all those who came and played at the LAN Party on Friday, December 2, 2011. With a total of 38 people, it was a great success and a lot of fun.  … Continue reading

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4 steps to maximize your chances of getting a grade correction

When presented, with a choice of accepting a known wrong, or presenting a valid challenge to the instructor. I have one way in how to proceed in order to maximize your chances of getting a correction.

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