Making the choice to return to college is up to you

There is nothing that happens around you that you don’t have something to do with. You either call upon it, create it, cause it, or allow it.

I am a firm believer that we all struggle on the path to making the decision to go back to school. The environment at Stevens-Henager College has given me the opportunity to have my life back. The staff, in all areas of teaching, are phenomenal, friendly, professional, and willing to help around any corner they can. With the continued work of currently enrolled students and instructors I am proud to say graduating can be as easy as making the decision.

To make it as easy for yourself as you can. To include schooling into your schedule and have the perfect support system fueling you to get there.

My personal thanks go to everyone involved in making it happen on the front lines at Stevens-Henager College for me. I wouldn’t be here without you, and all you do.

Author’s Bio
Christopher J. Hovey
Business Management and Accounting student
Stevens-Henager College, Salt Lake City Campus

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Making the choice to return to college is up to you by
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