New Interactive Study Guides Coming Soon!

Online Study Guides offer students a fun, interactive learning experience. The Study Guides include a variety of activities that help students learn and remember the highlights of the course to prepare for exams and future learning.

Interactive Study Guides will be coming soon for most Online courses.  The first set of Stevens-Henager College - Student Study Guide study guides will be available in Mod 9 for the Online HIS220 American Civilization course. The Study Guides will appear as additional content items in each weekly unit within the LearningStudio navigation bar (just below the Readings & Tools item). Students will simply click on the Study Guide item and follow the prompts to complete each Study Guide.

In Mod 9, students in HIS220 will have the opportunity to master the course material as they peruse the treasure trove of multimedia resources in each week’s Study Guides.  These Study Guides will support students in learning the weekly lesson material, focusing on important topics, and reviewing for quizzes and other assessments—all within a friendly and supportive environment.

Look for Study Guides to be coming soon to an Online course near you!

Author Bio:
Teri Brandenburg, Ph.D
Associate Dean, Curriculum Development
Stevens-Henager College, Online Division

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