New Mobile Site Available for LearningStudio

Students and instructors can now use their mobile devices to access their courses in LearningStudio on the go. The Mobile Site (mSite) works well on all major smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile 7) and mobile tablet computers (iPad, Xoom, etc.).

How to Access the Mobile Site:


  1. Use the Internet browser (e.g., Safari) of your mobile device to access the LearningStudio Mobile Site.
  2. Key in the URL:  
  3. Login using the same username and password you use to access your LearningStudio courses from your PC.
  4. For faster access in the future, you can use your browser’s Add (+) or Bookmark feature (“Add to Home Screen” or “Add Shortcut to Home”) to create a home screen icon for the Stevens-Henager College mSite for LearningStudio.

Features of the Mobile Site:

  • Activity – The Activity tab in the Home section shows the student what’s happening in their courses. Items include discussion thread posts and responses, assignment Dropbox submissions, and Gradebook items.
  • Upcoming – The Upcoming tab in the Home section shows the user a cross-course list of upcoming events, which includes any items with a due date, or start/end date such as scheduled discussion threads, quizzes/exams, and HTML Features content.
  • Discussions – The Discussions section shows active discussions (posts within the last 24 hours) from across a user’s courses, and lets the user see all topics, organized by unit. A user can reply to any topic or response. Discussion topics support rich text and images.
  • Courses – The Courses section shows the current module course(s) and instructor(s) for student. The Course home section also shows the most recent announcement.
  • Announcements – Users can see all of the Announcements within each course. Rich text is supported in Announcements.
  • Gradebook – Users can see their Gradebook, with both graded and ungraded items, and see details for graded items.
  • People – A simple People list shows the course roster of classmates and instructors. Future versions of the mSite will add aspects of social learning to the People section.

Getting Help for Your Mobile Site Access:

The Online Help Desk provides support for the Mobile Site as well as for all other aspects of LearningStudio courses.  Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via phone, email, and chat.  You can click the “Tech Support” tab from the top toolbar in your LearningStudio courses for Help Desk contact info.  You can call toll-free 855-880-3118, or go to the 247 Support Website to send an email or chat with a technical support representative.

For those students and instructors with an active, on-the-go lifestyle, the Mobile Site will make it easier and more convenient to stay connected with your online courses using your smartphone or mobile tablet computer.

Go Mobile!

Everyone is invited to go mobile!

Visit this video tutorial for additional training on the new mobile site:

*LearningStudio is the online learning environment created by Pearson eCollege

Author Bio:
Teri Brandenburg, Ph.D
Associate Dean, Curriculum Development
Stevens-Henager College, Online Division

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  • Anonymous

    I love being mobile, I think for my phone if there was an actual application that could be downloaded to the phone instead of threw the web that would be awesome

  • Brandon

    I just tried it, and it epicaly failed. It wouldn’t let me put a single character in the password field, so I wasn’t able to login. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon….

    • Teri Brandenburg

      Brandon, the mobile site is working–it may be a problem with your mobile device settings.  Or, you may need to clear the cookies or history. Did you try calling the Online Help Desk (855-880-3118)?  The Help Desk rep can walk you through a few options.

      • Brandon

        I didn’t call, but aparently there have been some updates, as it is working for me now. I like it so far.

  • Lindsey Herzfeld

    any chance there will be the possibility to watch the illuminate sessions on our mobile devices?

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully this will become a feature available in a future update. I think it will definitely be a popular request. 

  • James Major

    what would be really cool is if you could view your e-books from the mobile app. hopefully it will be in an upgrade.  also the live classroom sessions would be killer as well.

    • Michael Petruzzi

      You can just don’t go on the Mobil site and down load the chapters u want then u can read them any time.

  • Sol Ishmael

    Mobile phones are taking over the tech world! Soon pc’s will be outdated…never thought I see the day when phones would become so cool!

  • Sherry Anne Wagner


  • Kristy Shaw

    I believe if live seesion for classes were available and if students were able to read the e-books on phones it would help many students to do better in their mods or classes and to succeed better in what they are doing 

  • Pandy

    I think the live classroom discussions would be great. I’m an on the go mom/grandma, so this is excellent for me. It means I don’t have to take my laptop every where, and hope the internet stays running on it.

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