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Pause from whatever you are doing for a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I pursuing a higher education?
  • What are my dreams and how does college fit with my dreams?
  • Or, as Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, in their book “Built to Last,” would phrase the  question –  What are the “BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS”  for my life that drive me to enhance  my education?

Sometimes our “big hairy audacious” dream is obscured by academic problems. While there is no “fairy dust,” “magic wand,”  “unicorn glitter” or “lottery” to make our problems go away, there is help.  The first person we can turn to for “help” looks back at us from every mirror we face.  We each decide how much heart and time we commit to our education. I know, from personal experience, it is quite the task to balance work, personal life and studies.  But, if we do not make real effort to work at our dreams, no amount of external assistance will have any effect.

Stevens-Henager Online has services and people who can support students’ “real efforts” Contact Us in overcoming academic hurdles.  There are instructors who have real life experience, tutors who work one-on-one and in labs, services such as online math and writing aid and people, such as Mentors and Student Advisors, who encourage and direct students to appropriate resources.  All these resource do little good if they are not used.  Stay in contact with your instructor, mentor, and student advisor.  When courses get difficult and you lose sight of your goals, they can support your efforts to get back on track.

Contact information for instructors and mentors are posted in each online course and available on the school website.

Student advisors phone and email students their contact information, as well as maintain an online directory listed in the SHARC web site, for online students.

Author Bio:
Russell W Barber
Associate Dean, Business Management and Accounting
Stevens-Henager College – Online Division

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