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Business Administration

Master's Degree (MBA)

Program Length: 15 months

Degree Overview

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Master's Degree (MBA)

Our MBA program is designed for students who are both looking to enter the world of business as well as for those students who are already business professionals with the desire to advance their careers through education. For either circumstance, those who wish to enhance your proficiency as a business professional may do so by earning your master in business administration (MBA) from Stevens-Henager College. This comprehensive master’s in business administration program is focused on helping you become a competent leader and business manager in a variety of business settings. We accomplish this by helping you increase your skills in organization dynamics, corporate finance, statistics, communication, marketing and clientele development, accounting and more.

Why Stevens-Henager?

If you are considering an online MBA program to further your corporate success and promote your business skills, be sure to consider Stevens-Henager College's online MBA program. Our instructors are qualified and extremely competent in the field of business and each with the desire to educate driving their coursework. Our courses are filled with practical instruction. The MBA program is also available for offline delivery at select campus locations.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

MBA 601 Financial Accounting for Management 4.0
MBA 602 Dynamics of the Organization 4.0
MBA 603 Marketing Management 4.0
MBA 604 Corporate Finance 4.0
MBA 605 Information Technology and Society 4.0
MBA 606 Communication Dynamics for Professionals 4.0
MBA 607 International Management 4.0
MBA 608 Statistics for Management 4.0
MBA 609 Applications in Economic Analysis 4.0
MBA 610 General Management 4.0
MBA 611 Developing Business Strategy 4.0
MBA 612 Leadership Theory 4.0
MBA 613 Advanced Human Resource Management 4.0
MBA 614 Capstone Project 4.0
MBA 630 Operations Management 4.0

Course Description

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Financial Accounting for Management

An examination of accounting procedures related to recording, reporting, analyzing, and interpreting financial data. Applies accounting concepts and perspectives to financial and business decisions. Emphasis is placed on applying technical accounting procedures in the evaluation and analysis of business events.

Credits: 4.0

Dynamics of the Organization

A survey of the concepts and practices of organizational development. A variety of organizational models is presented with applications to relevant business cases. Course features cases and readings devoted to the environmental, technological, and interpersonal elements of an organization's operation.

Credits: 4.0

Marketing Management

The development and execution of a company's marketing plan are emphasized in this course. All elements of the marketing organization are reviewed, and their contributions to an effective marketing effort are analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the impacts of telecommunications and information technology on marketing.

Credits: 4.0

Corporate Finance

In this course, the student conducts an examination of advanced concepts in financial management. Application of financial concepts and techniques to relevant business cases is emphasized. Financial management's evolving role in industry is presented. Financial strategies are presented in the context of a company's overall strategic objectives.

Credits: 4.0

Information Technology and Society

This course covers the key elements in information technology and their application to business and social organizations. Explores the nature of computing and telecommunications and their impact on societal structures. Rapid, complex change induced by information technology and its influence on decision-making is emphasized. Course features readings, cases, and discussion of information technology's impact on industry.

Credits: 4.0

Communication Dynamics for Professionals

A practical approach to communication theory, this course enables students to understand and apply the principles of communication to organizational encounters. Various strategies for effective communication are provided, including inter- and intra-personal settings. Emphasis is placed on improving communication performance by applying strategies for enhanced communication.

Credits: 4.0

International Management

A presentation of the conceptual and practical skills required of a manager in the global arena. Business and trade concepts, international risk, multinational strategies, and cross-cultural management concepts are this course's cornerstone concepts. Students are presented with organizational and operational models appropriate to managing an entity in a global setting.

Credits: 4.0

Statistics for Management

An in-depth treatment of statistical procedures used in the analysis of business issues and problems. Students are encouraged to think about business issues and challenges from a scientific, statistical point of view. Tools of statistical analysis for business are presented and applied to relevant business cases. Course features readings, cases, and discussion of statistical models and analysis for industry.

Credits: 4.0

Applications in Economic Analysis

Focuses on application of micro- and macroeconomic concepts to organizational decision-making. The scientific analysis of economic variables in internal and external environments is emphasized. Relationships between economic events and their impact on organizational performance are presented.

Credits: 4.0

General Management

This course focuses on managing concepts that are utilized in the dynamic environment of industry. Issues and practices related to managing the enterprise are presented and applied. The manager's role in the organization's environment is emphasized.

Credits: 4.0

Developing Business Strategy

Explores the development, formulation, and implementation of business strategies. Students are exposed to environmental considerations for organizational strategy and the impact of change dynamics and challenges of competition and bureaucracy on organizational strategy.

Credits: 4.0

Leadership Theory

This course addresses the theory and practice of leadership in organizations. Explores traditional and modern theories of leadership, as well as the practical application of these theories in the workplace. In addition to covering the traditional concepts of leadership in organizations, this course takes an in-depth look at the power and influence a leader has over the organization and its members.

Credits: 4.0

Advanced Human Resource Management

This course covers the major aspects of human resource management. It provides an assessment of the human resource management field. Topics include: equal employment opportunity, job analysis, strategic planning, recruitment, selection, and training and performance appraisal. Also covers compensation, benefits, safety and health, and labor-management relations.

Credits: 4.0

Capstone Project

Students are required to complete a project or write a thesis that integrates and demonstrates mastery of the basic learning objectives of the degree program.

Credits: 4.0

Operations Management

This course examines business-process issues that drive quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. Topics include value-chain management, logistics, forecasting, capacity planning, inventory control, project management, process improvement and quality management.

Credits: 4.0

Total Courses: 15Total Credits: 60

Available at the following locations:

Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.
Utah Locations: Salt Lake City / Murray

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