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Graphic Arts

Associate of Applied Science

Program Length: 20 months (may be completed in as little as 15 months)

Degree Overview

Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts

The Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Arts will provide graduates with the opportunity to pursue exciting and fulfilling career paths in the field of graphic arts. An associate degree in graphic arts may be for you if you're looking for entry-level opportunities as a graphic designer, web designer, or desktop publisher.

Benefits of Our Program

This diverse program is designed to prepare our students for the duties and responsibilities that will be given them by their future employer. We provide our students with expert knowledge and training through our experienced instructors. Our graphic arts program will give you a strong foundation in advertising design, multimedia applications, web design, marketing, and more marketable skills that employers are looking for. As a graduate with this degree, you'll leave with an integrated understanding of the relationship between business and graphic design, as well as a portfolio of the work that you were able to complete throughout your time in school.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

APP 101 Computer Fundamentals 3.5
APP 242 Web Page Design Principles 3.0
CSS 101 Psychology of Motivation 4.0
CSS 299 Professional Development 4.0
DES 103 Beginning Vector Illustration 3.0
DES 104 Beginning Image Editing 3.0
DES 105 Page Layout Tools 3.0
DES 109 Graphic Design I 3.0
DES 113 Typography 3.0
DES 114 Print Production and Color Theory 3.0
DES 209 Graphic Design II 3.0
DES 240 Information Design 3.0
DES 241 Web Design 3.0
DES 242 Logo and Identity Design 3.0
DES 243 Layout Design 3.0
DES 244 Package Design 3.0
DES 245 Advertising Design 3.0
DES 246 Digital Animation I 3.0
DES 250 Portfolio Design 3.0
ENG 101 English Composition 4.0
ENG 223 Communication Arts 4.0
HIS 220 American Civilization 4.0
MAN 105 Marketing 4.0
MAN 210 Entrepreneurship 4.0
MAN 223 Internet Commerce 4.0
MAN 230 Advertising Principles 4.0
MAT 220 College Algebra 4.0
PHI 221 Introduction to Logic 4.0
SOC 220 Sociology 4.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 29Total Credits: 99.5

Available at the following locations:

Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.
Idaho Locations: Boise, Nampa
Utah Locations: Logan, Provo / Orem, Salt Lake City / Murray, St. George

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Consumer Information

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