Healthcare Bachelors Programs

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Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

Health Information Management (HIM) is a key function of the healthcare delivery system in the United States. HIM provides for the maintenance of health records in hospitals, clinics, health departments, insurance companies, governmental agencies, and other settings.

A Health Information Management professional works with clinical, reference, epidemiological, financial, and demographic data and is responsible for the collection, the storage, the use, and the transmission of this information. Learn More...

Healthcare Administration

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

There are many working parts that make up our healthcare system. Care to patients is provided through a network of professionals who handle everything from primary care to working with insurance agencies to billing. With so many working parts, this system is one that has many different career opportunities for those who are interested. Learn More...

Healthcare Administration with a Gerontology emphasis

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration
with a Gerontology emphasis

A Bachelor degree in Healthcare Administration with a Gerontology emphasis expands a student's opportunities when they enter the workplace. Students graduate with the ability to lead in a healthcare center and directly help the elderly to get the care they need.

The bachelor in Healthcare Administration prepares medical professionals to work at the next level. Learn More...


Bachelor of Science Completion in Nursing

The Online Nursing Degree Program is the next step for current RNs that are seeking higher education. This online nursing degree program is designed to prepare Registered Nurses for leadership roles and graduate studies in nursing. Classes bring students to a higher level of knowledge within their field. Learn More...