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Computer Programming

Associate of Applied Science

Program Length: 20 months (may be completed in as little as 15 months)

Degree Overview

Computer Programming

Computer Programming Degree

Information technology experts, including and often especially computer programmers, are in increasingly high demand in the professional and business worlds. By earning your Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming degree, you can prepare for a number of exciting and fulfilling entry-level IT positions. Some of these include positions in web development, computer programming, and database design. Our computer programming degree focuses on helping you develop the necessary skills that are essential to understanding computer systems and technology. With these skills our students can enter the work force with the ability to find solutions to complex IT challenges. Such skills are in high demand in a variety of industries from private corporations to government agencies and more. Through our computer programing courses, you may be taught several programming languages, database design, and web development skills to assist you in the real occupational requirements that you may face in the future.

Computer Programming Courses

This program of study is directed toward developing problem-solving skills. In conjunction with understanding computers and computer systems, problem-solving skills can enable our graduates to apply their knowledge in finding solutions to problems that arise in the science, business, government, and education sectors of employment. The objectives of the program are to provide a solid foundation of knowledge about computers and to facilitate thinking that will permit continuing growth on the part of the graduates. Prospective students should have an aptitude for mathematics and logic and an interest in analysis and deduction. In the course of their study our students may learn several programming languages, database design and administration, and programming for the Internet. Typically our graduates may be employed in entry-level positions as Web developers or as computer programmers.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

APP 101 Computer Fundamentals 3.5
APP 126 Databases 3.5
CSS 101 Psychology of Motivation 4.0
CSS 299 Professional Development 4.0
ECN 220 Economics 4.0
ENG 101 English Composition 4.0
ENG 223 Communication Arts 4.0
HIS 220 American Civilization 4.0
ISS 220 Computer Law 4.0
MAN 103 Management Principles 4.0
MAN 210 Entrepreneurship 4.0
MAT 220 College Algebra 4.0
NET 103 Networking Concepts I 3.5
OPS 101 Introduction to Operating Systems 4.0
PHI 221 Introduction to Logic 4.0
PRG 101 Solutions Concepts 3.5
PRG 102 Programming Logic & Design I 3.5
PRG 103 Programming Logic & Design II 3.5
PRG 111 Web Page Programming I 3.5
PRG 140 Database Programming I 3.5
PRG 204 Programming Concepts I 3.0
PRG 205 .NET Programming I 3.0
PRG 240 Database Programming II 3.0
PRG 249 Web Page Programming II 3.5
PRG 250 Web Page Programming III 3.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 25Total Credits: 91.5

Available at the following locations:

Utah Locations: Salt Lake City / Murray, St. George

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