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Online programs are offered by our affiliated school, Independence University.

What is online distance education?

Online distance education offers you many of the same programs, textbooks, and services as a campus-based university, but everything is at your fingertips 24/7—at home, at work, while traveling, or while serving in the military. All of your courses and services are just a click away.

  • Faculty and staff are available. No ""office hours"" or rigid class schedules to deal with. Faculty members are available five days a week.
  • Online services, 24/7. Our user friendly website provides you access to student services, tests, registration materials, etc.
  • Communication tools. Talk with instructors one-on-one through email and chat.
  • Study materials available 24/7. An online course syllabus offering learning objectives, assignments, self-tests and exams.
You are never alone.

You study independently, but you are never alone. You have access to online services, qualified instructors, and a student advisor. Many students team up as study partners with other willing students in their area or online. Then you can study together, providing mutual motivation and support.

Don't just take our word for it; come see for yourself.

Schedule your campus tour by calling us at (800) 972-5149, or simply drop in at 4021 South 700 East, Suite 400, Salt Lake City, UT 84107

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Make Online your campus

What Graduates Say:

"I gained a greater education and skills to venture out into the world. Anyone who is looking for a great school, I would greatly recommend Stevens-Henager College as a great experience."

, Online Division
Graphic Arts

What Graduates Say:

"It's convenient and the staff is there with a goal of making sure that you pass. They never leave you hanging. The aim is to make sure that all their students are happy. Each students knows that they are able to accomplish anything. Thanks to Stevens-Henager College and its wonderful staff, I am able to know that you can gain the respect of anyone once you have a degree."

, Online Division
Business Management & Accounting

What Graduates Say:

"I gained a better education and a title that would help me down the road to get a better job. I'm excited about having a better future. It's a great college...and I would recommend it to anybody."

, Online Division
Business Management & Accounting