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Ready to take control of your future and prepare for a better career? To apply for admission at Stevens-Henager College, simply follow the steps below.

Download and use this checklist as a guide for gathering the appropriate documents for your application.

Download Checklist

My Application Folder


To start your application, download and unzip the Application Folder. The folder contains 12 subfolders; some folders contain PDF documents for you to fill out, and some folders are for you to add your documents, as instructed below:



Download Application Folder

Folder 1: Student Application

Student Application

Please fill out the application accurately and to the best of your ability.

Folder 2: Acknowledgment Form

Acknowledgment Form

Please read the “International Student Acknowledgement & Agreement” and fill in the blanks at the bottom, including your digital signature.

Folder 3: Copy of Passport

Copy of Passport

can your passport and place the files in this folder. Be sure to include your picture, your address (if available), and your visa (if available).

Folder 4: Affidavit of Support (if applicable)

Affidavit of Support (if applicable)

If you need a sponsor to pay your living expenses while you study, your sponsor must fill out and sign the affidavit of support. The minimum support amounts are $24,000 USD for master’s students or $33,000 USD for bachelor’s students (plus $8,000 per dependent, if applicable).

Folder 5: Financial Documentation

Financial Documentation

As proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses, please provide a recent digital copy of either your personal bank statement(s) or your sponsor’s bank statement(s). The combined balance(s) must show at least $24,000 USD for master’s students or $33,000 USD for bachelor’s students (plus $8,000 per dependent, if applicable).

Folder 6: Two Letters of Recommendation

Two Letters of Recommendation

Please add digital copies of two letters of recommendation on letterhead, signed within the past year.

Folder 7: Resume-CV


Please add your most up-to-date resume or CV to this folder. It will provide the school with insight into your academic and professional experience and skillset.

Folder 8: English Proficiency

English Proficiency

Add proof of your English proficiency. The school accepts TOEFL IBT 79, IELTS 6.0, PTE – Academic 53, English3 66, or an approved Stevens-Henager College English program.

Folder 9: Diploma(s) Transcripts

Diploma(s) Transcripts

If you are applying for a master’s degree program, provide digital copies of your bachelor’s diploma and your transcript(s). Send your original degree diploma and transcript to an approved evaluation service.

Folder 10: Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Write a 500-word essay that states your purpose in applying. At the top of each page, include your full name and proposed field of study. For ease of reading, please use a standard font and font size. A plagiarized essay will result in a rejected application.

My Next Steps


At Stevens-Henager College, we make it easy for international students to apply for college and start progressing toward a better future.


With all your documents gathered and filled out, you’re ready to submit your application folder, pay your application fee, and schedule your admissions interview.



Submit Your Application Folder

When your application folder is complete, rename the folder with your full name, zip it, and email the zip file to: international.admissions@stevenshenager.edu.
Or you could submit the folder to an affiliated agency or bring paper copies to the school.

Email Application Folder



Pay Your Application Fee

To pay your $150 application fee, go to stevenshenager.edu/payments. From the “Campus” dropdown menu, select “Salt Lake City / Murray (International Students).” If you are working with an affiliated agency, the school does not require you to pay this application fee.

Pay Application Fee



Schedule Your Interview

Schedule an interview either with the agency you’re working with or the admissions department at Stevens-Henager College, which you can email at international.admissions@stevenshenager.edu.

Schedule Your Interview

My Acceptance to
Stevens-Henager College

Once the college receives payment of your application fee, we will review your completed application. If all your materials are correctly submitted and you meet the college’s admissions standards and requirements, the college will email you a scanned copy of your acceptance letter and Form I-20, the U.S government’s “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status.” We will also mail the original documents to you or to the affiliated agency you’re working with.


Now it’s time to go get your visa! We look forward to welcoming you to Stevens-Henager College. For more information about your arrival, see this website’s “My Arrival” tab.

  1. Scholarship awards are limited and only available to those who qualify. See www.scholarshipshc.com for details.

Stevens-Henager College admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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