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5 Great Resources for Healthcare Students

Posted By Staff Writer on December 20, 2017

Resources for Healthcare Students

There are plenty of tools and online resources for any student to use in their studies. However, if you're a healthcare student, you will find it significantly helpful when utilizing a few specific resources that are aimed at your industry's interest with its required level of depth and detail. That's why we've gathered the below list of resources for you. You will find that they can really come in handy for you. Whether you are thinking about entering into a career, or you are already working your way through a degree in healthcare, check them out. Bonus: We've also gathered a few tools to help you along on your way!

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A List of Resources

1- 3D4 Medical Apps

With innovative technology that allows you to see every part of the body using incredible 3D images, these award-winning apps are both entertaining and informational.  With the Complete Anatomy option, healthcare students can cut, rotate, and zoom their way to passing their anatomy and physiology classes with ease. Available in a variety of formats, courses include terminology, underlying concepts and principles, and systems. The “augmented reality” atlas allows you to use screens (hidden or faded structures), explosion graphics (separating structures from each other to better visualize connections and relationships), full descriptions, and labels to get a seriously in-depth knowledge of the human body.

2- MedScape App

Specifically designed for healthcare students and workers, this subscription-free education app will aid you time and time again in your research of every possible healthcare topic. Wherever you are, you can always stay up-to-date on the latest news and information in your specialty (30+ specialties are available!) by creating a customized activity list to follow. Choose from a variety of formats including video, patient simulations, expert perspectives, and more. With such personalizations, you will be able to have your education needs and preferences met.

3- The O.C.K.S. Method for Mastering Pharmacology

For pharmacology classes, this 4-step learning process will help you memorize a detailed list of drugs and the vital things you need to know about each one.

  • Organs
  • Know
  • Classes, Considerations, Cards
  • Side Effects
With a detailed description of the steps (including a free drug card template), this framework of learning for healthcare students can really aid in this very important pharmacology skill.


This website has over 750+ posts about nursing, examination tips and results, care plans, nursing news, job openings, and more. Their mission is to provide open, free, and relevant information to nurses and others who are entering the healthcare industry.

5- HCAA: Health Care Administrators Association

If you are in a healthcare administration program, it's wise to become involved in this organization as they believe in the power that comes from networking and attending events. They also provide an online “Emerging Leaders Academy” program that can put you on the path to becoming a healthcare administration industry leader.

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Bonus: Tools

Now that you have the resources, here are four hands-on tools that can really make your student life easier!

1- Laptop or Tablet

As a healthcare student, you'll get plenty of use out of a laptop or tablet for everything from performing research, writing and submitting homework assignments, and contacting your instructors with questions. Laptops come at every price point but are typically more expensive than tablets. The good news is that some schools supply their students with their own laptops that can be kept after graduation. If you go for a tablet, choosing a keyboard add-on is definitely something to consider.

2- Smartpen

Perhaps a nicety rather than a necessity, a smartpen is nevertheless a great tool for students. These cool gadgets allow you to write your own notes (this action actually aids in retention) and digitize them at the same time. Some even record lectures or your own voice-annotated notes.

3- Noise-Canceling Headphones

Create a more studious environment with fewer distractions when you put on a pair of noise-canceling headphones. There are even plenty of student-budget options that work well.

4- True Stories

Not that you'll have a ton of free time as a healthcare student, but for those moments when you need a little boost or a simple reminder about why you're following this path, inspirational short stories can be just the right prescription. Now that you are aware of some awesome resources (and some bonus tools that can help), you're more prepared than ever to reach your full potential as a student of the healthcare industry. Request more information about Stevens-Henager College healthcare degree programs!