5 Reasons It’s Not Too Late to Start a Career in Technology

Posted By Manda Perkins on October 11, 2016

  If you're exploring new education or professional opportunities, the technology sector may have caught your eye as a potential career. But deciding to switch your career direction and go back to school for a technology-related degree can be scary, especially if you feel you might be too late to make this career switch. Here are 5 reasons it's not too late to go back for your degree and break into this fast-growing field.

1. Technology Provides a Wide Range of Opportunities

Even if your current field of work is not highly related to technology, there are often many ways to apply the skills you already have to a career in information technology. If you pursue a degree in programming, and your present background is in marketing, you could find a job with a company that creates marketing software. If you currently work in a people-oriented role, you may have many opportunities in software and technology sales. Getting an education in technology may help increase the variety of work you can find and being experienced could give you a leg up.

2. The Skills Keep Changing

A lot of people are afraid they're already behind when it comes to learning about software. One benefit of entering a tech-related field is that the skills and technologies keep changing. Although one programming language or technology may have been popular a few years ago, the newest students may be learning new or up-and-coming programs. That means everyone is continually learning and growing in this field. No matter when you decide to get on board, chances are you'll be learning alongside everyone else.

3. There Are Many Ways to Learn

If you have family, work, or other commitments, many technology-related degrees offer flexible learning options. Since many of the skills you need to learn can be taught remotely, many degree programs have very flexible schedules that allow you to learn and submit your work online. You could look for a hybrid program that allows you to study in person and online. Some programs are entirely done online as well.* This means that you can work and study from almost anywhere in the world, which gives you the flexibility to meet all of your other obligations.

4. There Are Many Ways to Work

For many of the same reasons you can study from anywhere, many technology employers allow their employees to work remotely or telecommute for part of the time. If you already have a lot on your plate, it's not too late to get started in this field. And in many cases it can be even more flexible than the field you came from, making it easier to dedicate time to family and other responsibilities.

5. The Field Continues to Grow

Pursuing a career in technology now is a great idea because the field continues to grow. For instance, the IT sector is projected to grow 12 percent in the years between 2014 and 2024. So, there is room for many more people to join the technology field.

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