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5 Things to Do in Logan, Utah

Posted By Clint Hunter on March 27, 2018

Sometimes, you just need to go out and have some fun. Whether you're a student, a parent, or a grandparent—and you happen to find yourself in Logan—you deserve a break from the grind and to cut loose a little. Here are 5 things you should check out in and around Logan. Two Restaurants You Must Try Tandoori Oven 720 E 1000 N Authentic, delicious Indian food in the middle of the Cache Valley? Yes. Mouth-watering aromas and delicious dishes are the hallmarks of this oasis of curries, masalas, kurmas, and briyanis. Tandoori Oven began as a hole-in-the-wall dive in a gas station convenience store and was passed down from the founding father to his son, Mohit Arora. What should you get? Any dish is amazing. Whatever you get, though, try it with a side of raita (yogurt mixed with carrots and spices) and mango chutney. Mix in a little with each bite and discover additional layers of flavors. Le Nonne 129 N 100 E Tucked away in a quaint house surrounded by small, well-kept gardens, Le Nonne is run by executive chef PierAntonio Micheli. The man was born and raised in Forte dei Marmi on the Tuscany coast of northern Italy. That, by the way, is where Michelangelo chose the marble for his masterpieces. While it's fun to look at a sculpture, you can't eat it. Here, you'll get to devour the authentic Tuscan masterpieces. The ambience is warm and perfect for a romantic date or a joyous gathering of family or friends. And they play live music on Fridays and Wednesdays! Live jazz and gnocchi? Yes, please. Two Places to Go Back in Time Country Village Antique Mall 760 W 200 N Wander into this store at your own risk. You'll find yourself mesmerized for hours. It's an eclectic collection where you can discover oddities, memorabilia, kitsch, and treasures. On one aisle you might spy a taxidermied bobcat standing guard atop a bookshelf packed with used books. Turn the corner and you'll see a Royal Doulton “Jockey” jug, a vintage zither, an original Gremlins thermos, and an old Singer sewing machine. And just when you think you've seen it all, that's when you'll find the velvet painting of JFK. That's just the tiniest of samplings. You can get lost in here and find stuff that's been traveling through time just waiting for you. Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum 160 N Main Street Free is always good. When you drop by this free museum, you'll remind yourself of what we tend to forget: the pioneers didn't have Walmart. You'll see an array of tools, furniture, blankets, buggies, butter churns, sleighs, clothes, and musical instruments. Most of these were made by the pioneers themselves, and the craftsmanship is awe-inspiring. Of course, since this is free, you'll have some extra spending money in case you want to drop by the gift shop and buy a bonnet, apron, doll, or quilt. If it's too rainy or cold to go out, you can check out their digital collection of pioneer photographs from the comfort of your couch. One Hike to Rule Them All Crimson Trail About 5 miles from Logan This is Utah, so we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to gorgeous hikes. If you and your hiking partner(s) are in good shape and think some steep switchbacks are a small price to pay for breathtaking views, then this 5-6 mile loop is just what you're looking for. You can stroll along cliffs and see a full palette of autumn colors or summer wildflowers. No matter what season you hike, there are multiple photo ops and rest stops along the way. Beginners should consider investing in or renting some hiking poles, but they aren't mandatory. Make room for a picnic lunch in your backpack. You can make this a long day hike or reserve a spot at the campgrounds and make a weekend out of it.