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5 Unique Ways for Old-Time Techies to Stay on Top of Their Field in 2019

Posted By Patrick Oney on January 25, 2019

Are you an old-timer looking to stay ahead of the curve in the tech industry? If you are, you're not alone. The tech world seems to be skewing younger and younger with every passing year. Nowadays, it's as if more people are considered “old” in the tech industry than not, since even people in their 30s are considered to be losing touch with the cutting-edge technology trends of the future. Some of the biggest Silicon Valley companies are hiring ultra-young programmers and developers, and some of them may not have even taken the time to get a college degree. It's hard to see how an older employee can compete, especially when our culture places youthfulness at such a high priority.

A Place for the Old-Timers

  But the tech industry is booming. The high-paying jobs and exciting career paths of the tech world are appealing to people of any age. So where does an old-timer fit in? Luckily, companies will always benefit from having a diverse group of employees, older folks included. There's simply no replacement to having employees with decades of experience in the workforce and plenty of life wisdom under their belt. Some job specialists even say that tech jobs are a great fit for people in the second half of their career, since they often allow people to work from home and transition easily into retirement. Older employees certainly have a place in the tech industry, but they may have to work a little harder to stay on top of the latest and greatest. Hence, today we're offering five unique ways to keep up on the tech industry in 2019. Following these recommendations will help you reach your professional goals and keep up on technology news with the best of them.

1. Start a Tech Blog

  Sure, there are countless tech blogs already in the vast online world, but there's always room for more. Your tech blog may or may not gain thousands of daily viewers, but the time you spend researching and writing will pay off. By writing about the tech industry, you'll learn valuable information and impress potential employers when you put it on your resume.

2. Keep up Your Education

  Even if you've already been to college, it's important to keep up your education. The tech world is constantly evolving, and something you learned about even one year ago could be unrecognizable today. Take college courses or community classes teaching the latest technology to stay current. Learn coding or programming, or learn about something that didn't even exist a few months ago. The possibilities are endless!

3. Get Creative

  Techies are some of the most creative people in the workforce. Their ideas change our world and the way we live our everyday lives. To truly stay ahead of the tech curve, you'll need to always be exercising your creativity. And while art projects are one way to flex your creativity muscle, you'll get even closer to your professional development goals by creating new technology of your own, e.g. a web page or app.

4. Discuss Tech News

  All that tech information rattling around in your brain won't do you much good if you don't talk about it. Since teaching others is a proven way to solidify principles in your own mind, try teaching someone you know about some tech ideas. You should also be talking about tech news with your friends, co-workers, and employers so they recognize how much you're on top of the industry.

5. Schedule Informational Interviews

  If you're looking to advance your tech career, networking is one of the major keys to success. And while your dream employer may not be hiring at the moment, you can always make connections by scheduling informational interviews. This type of interview allows you to introduce yourself and learn about the company, so they remember you when positions open up in the future.

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