7 Possible Career Paths For Event Planning Degrees

Posted By Staff Writer on March 22, 2018

Krystal has been working at her job for the last decade, but not going anywhere. The hours are long, the pay just barely enough to keep the bills paid – even though her husband works too – and to make matters worse, the kids need soccer cleats (and not the cheap kind). She has always wanted to plan extravagant parties, and she took some college classes when she was younger. But Krystal has been raising her family and never had the time—until now.   Does this sound like you? Maybe you've never been to college, but are looking into it, to see what your options are. If so, read further to learn about 7 possible career paths you can pursue with an event planning degree.   According to the United States Department of Labor, event planners have a great outlook and are growing 10% faster than the average rate.

Meeting Planner

If you are an expert at planning meetings, a career as a meeting planner can have some exciting rewards. Responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating and managing conferences and meetings
  • Planning agendas, menus, speakers, and entertainers
  • Serving as a liaison between the group and vendors
  • Ensuring the meeting or conference goes off without a hitch
  In this type of career field, having some type of apprenticeship or internship can help establish valuable experience. The key skills for this career include customer service skills, collaboration, communications, organization, and delegation.

Activities & Events Planner

Have you ever thought how exciting planning events could be, when the outcome far exceeds your client and their guest's expectations? If this sounds like a rewarding career, an event planning degree is right up your alley. An activities and event planner works one-on-one with clients to discover the perfect venue and design, plan out details, and finalize the events, ultimately resulting in success. The event planner takes care of any issues or roadblocks, ensuring the spectacle will be one guests will be swooning over to all their friends and family.

Executive Assistant

There are varying degrees of responsibility an executive assistant takes on, depending on the type of company. Typically, an assistant is responsible for scheduling (including travel), speaking engagements, meetings, or any other appointments for the executive. They take care of the office and oversee clerical and other administrative duties for employees in upper management. An executive assistant ensures the office functions smoothly and that any problems are taken care of promptly.

Exhibition Coordinator

If you've been to an art exhibit and seen how everything is displayed, seemingly perfectly, then you've seen the work of an exhibition coordinator. If this type of career piques your interest, an event planning degree could be an entryway into this field as well. Responsibilities include:  
  • Working with designers
  • Planning the layout of displays
  • Estimating cost
  • Constructing exhibits and displays
  An exhibition coordinator also evaluates displays to determine effectiveness and identifies any issues or needs for improvement.

Program Manager

A program manager leads a team that draws from all areas of a business to ensure a successful product or service. The job involves overseeing and providing guidance and direction to project managers so they can turn around and manage their own teams. Some of the tasks a program manager fulfills include:
  • Planning the program
  • Monitoring overall success
  • Defining the program governance
  • Managing the budget
  • Managing all program communication
  If this sounds like a fun and challenging career, obtaining an event planning degree can be a good first step.

Volunteer Coordinator

If you would love to work in a non-profit organization, your responsibilities as a volunteer coordinator could include:
  • Planning, organizing, and directing volunteer programs
  • Coordinating and managing recruitment of volunteers
  • Works with civic, social, and local organization in developing partnerships
  • Develops and implements training programs for all volunteers
  • Organizes and maintains volunteer records
  If you are a born leader and have collaboration skills, experience with time management, presentation and teamwork skills, this may be the perfect application of your event planning degree.

Volunteer Services Specialist

Being a volunteer services specialist involves planning, coordinating, and supervising activities of a volunteer program. There are varying degrees of duties, but some include assisting professional staff, attending administrative and rehabilitation therapy, compiling handbooks, guiding volunteers, and more. As you can see, there are many opportunities to showcase your talents and abilities, reaping success and rewards all around. Learn more about how you can get started earning an event planning degree today!