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A Brief History of Higher Learning in the Salt Lake Valley

Posted By Clint Hunter on April 19, 2018

Maybe you've heard of the University of Deseret, or even seen the plaque in the rock at 101 West 200 North where Mrs. John Pack's adobe house stood, the place where classes were first held, and wondered what ever happened to it, and whether it went the way of the Deseret Alphabet. Then you saw that 24th of July parade float that said University of Deseret on one end and University of Utah on the other. Though the U has a prominent position on the hillside, and around 32,000 students, it's not the only institution of higher education in the valley, and not even the largest. Established in 1948, Salt Lake Community College, with its 10 campuses, serves 60,000 students. Smaller institutions include Westminster College, founded in 1875, and LDS Business College, in 1886. And in 1891, Professor J. A. Smith founded Intermountain Business College (Now Stevens-Henager College) about 40 miles northwest of Salt Lake City in West Haven, near Ogden. Stevens-Henager is proud to be part of the tradition of educational excellence in Utah. Since 1999, with the opening of our Murray campus, we've also been part of the excellent educational offerings in the Salt Lake Valley. Stevens-Henager offers Associate's and Bachelor's degrees in Healthcare, Technology, Business, and Graphic Arts; and Master's degrees in Healthcare, Technology, and Business.

What kind of student are you?

Are you just out of high school, looking for a career you can start soon, and skills you can add to the ones you've already learned? Or have you been working for a few years and want to move up in the company, or raising a family and want to go back to school? Either way, we have programs to help get you where you want to go.

 Are you like any of the following students?

Are you the one who started designing websites in high school, ended up making a business of it, and now you want to expand your knowledge of business and graphic design? An Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) in Graphic Arts may be just what you need. You'll learn how to use software tools from Adobe like InDesign®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and Flash®. You'll also learn about information design, package design, and page layout and logo design. And the degree includes courses in entrepreneurship and internet commerce. Maybe you want to concentrate on the business side, on offering your clients additional services. For an AAS in Business Management and Accounting , studies include computerized accounting and income tax, business law and practices, and finance and management. The degree is also available with emphases in event planning and retail sales management. As your business and skills grow, you might consider a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Graphic Arts, with or without an Information Design emphasis, or a BS in Accounting, or study Forensic Accounting. Stevens-Henager also offers BS degrees in Business Administration, including emphases in New Media Marketing, Human Resources, and Technology. And if you want to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA), we can help you with that as well. Or are you the one everyone in the office (or everyone in the family) comes to with computer questions, even though that's not what you were hired to do? And how about that comment your boss made to you, “It's about time we get a full-time IT person.” You could start your training in our AAS program in Computer Technology and Networking. You'll learn how to tell whether a problem is a computer error, a problem connecting to the internet, or some other problem with network communication—and how to fix it. As your company and network grow you could earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Networking and Information Systems Security, Health Information Management, Software and Mobile Applications Development, or Web Design and Development. You could also earn a Master of Science in Information Systems. Or perhaps you're working in a healthcare setting—a nursing home, doctor's office, clinic, or hospital. An Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Medical Specialties can set you on a career path as a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, or billing and coding specialist. Finishing the program, you'll be eligible to take the certification exams for Insurance and Coding, and Electronic Health Records specialists, as well as exams for clinical medical assistants, electrocardiograph technicians, phlebotomy technicians, and radiology practical technicians. If you'd rather work in the care part of healthcare, consider a degree as a registered nurse, a respiratory therapist, or a surgical technologist. If you want to lead and guide other healthcare workers you could go on to a BS in Healthcare Administration, with an emphasis in Gerontology, or a Master of Science (MS) in Healthcare Administration. There is also online education. Stevens-Henager College is affiliated with Independence University, a fully online, accredited college. The early settlers in the Salt Lake Valley didn't wait three years to establish higher education. They didn't even wait for a building to be built, but got together in the meantime in Mrs. John Park's adobe house. Don't you wait either. Call Stevens-Henager College today at (800) 622-2640 or request info here. "For graduation rates, the median debt of graduates, and other data, see"