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Calling All Utah Tech Job Seekers! 9 LinkedIn Groups for You

Posted By Patrick Oney on February 15, 2018

If you have earned, are in the process of earning, or plan to earn your Associate's degree in Computer Technology, chances are you're also in the market for a job—a tech job specifically. If this is true, you're in luck! There is currently a tech boom happening and the industry is just bursting with jobs for the taking. However, the act of finding a job and getting hired for it has changed a lot in the last decade. Modern times call for modern modes of finding employment. One great way to go about it is through LinkedIn, “the world's largest professional network with more than 562 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.”  
  • LinkedIn's Vision: “Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.”
  • LinkedIn's Mission: “Connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.”
  LinkedIn is such an important resource for both employers and would-be employees. Let's put it this way, if you're not seen on LinkedIn, you're not seen as a serious job candidate.

Join These 9 Utah LinkedIn Groups If You're Looking for a Utah Tech Job

  The first things you need to do once you sign up for LinkedIn is to create your profile and build your network by connecting with others you know and those you'd like to get to know. Then, join these groups!  


1- Utah County Tech Alumni

  139 Members About this group: “This is a networking group for software professionals in Utah County.”

2- Utah County Tech Companies

  115 Members About this group: “This group is here so that tech companies can exchange ideas about best business practices, economic situations, and the best places to find any needed funding. “Executives and managers are encouraged to participate in this group, as well as investors, and industry experts.”

3- Utah Tech Support / IT Professionals

  367 Members About this group: “Welcome! If you live in Utah, have been or wish to be employed in the Information Technology or Technical Support fields, and you are interested in creating and maintaining lasting connections with other Utah IT professionals, please join. “Your continued interest and involvement is critical. Without you, the needs of a growing and diverse technology-hungry world would go unanswered.”

4- Silicon Slopes Content Strategy, TechComm, and L&D

  10 Members About this group: “This group connects content strategy, technical communication, and learning and development professionals in Utah's rapidly growing tech space. Use this group to start conversations, share knowledge, and promote professional growth.”

5- Silicon Slopes

  4,336 Members About this group: Silicon Slopes promotes Utah's growing technology community.”

6- Tech & Job Expo: Networking in Technology, Media, Wireless & Telecom

  1,530 Members About this group: “We are a group focused on the global $5 trillion technology, media, wireless and telecom industry. Our mission is to provide opportunities to build authentic connections with leaders and colleagues within this industry, both online and in person.”

7- Redfish Technology: Tech Jobs - Nationwide Recruiting

  967 Members About this group: “We recruit for exciting Information Technology and Clean Tech companies. Want to grow your career? Join us for priority job opportunities and industry discussion. . . . Redfish is now an integral part of our client companies' hiring process. We gear up and find the best team and technical fit for Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and IT.”

8- Technology Jobs in Utah

  342 Members About this group: “We want to make people aware of the current opportunities in the Utah market and share information on what they are seeing with the local economy.”

9- IT Career Ladder Utah

  58 Members About this group: “This group was created to allow local IT specialists to connect with each other and network while learning about the latest local jobs and most prominent companies.”

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