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Finding the Right Place to Study

Posted By Staff Writer on September 13, 2017

Environment has a huge impact on your quality of study. It influences your mood, your ability to concentrate, and your productivity. Finding the right place for you might take a little experimentation, but there is certainly one out there for you!  Here are a few things to look for in a study area and a few things to do once you find it.

The Spot

Everybody has different needs and styles of study. Make sure your study area fits your needs. Some people focus better at a desk or table. Other people like working on the floor. Some people like really lighted areas, and other people like dark rooms with a study lamp. No matter what your style, make sure it is somewhere where you will feel physically comfortable and in the mental study zone. The Stevens-Henager College West Haven (Ogden) campus has several comfortable study and lounge areas, including the first-floor library and, weather permitting, The Terrace. Similar set-ups are available at the other campuses as well.

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In the Zone

As you pick and begin to use a study spot, make sure studying is the only thing that goes on there. Don't let your study area double as a meal table, a web-surfing spot, a gaming hole, or a bed. (That means you shouldn't pick your bed as a study area, no matter how comfy it is.) The moment you start introducing fun distractions to your study area, it loses its focus mojo. If that happens, downward goes your efficient study.

Have a Backup

Just in case you can't use your favorite study spot, you'll want a backup. For instance, if you have a certain cubby in the library you usually study in and some punk kid swipes it from you one day, make sure you have somewhere else you can go. Or if you study at your desk at home but there's a lot of activity going on in the living room, you'll want to study somewhere else. And sometimes, you simply get sick of always studying in one spot and need a change of scene. Over time, your original study spot might be associated with a hated subject, a bad homework assignment, or a general negative feeling. When that happens, it's time to move. A new environment can reset your brain, energize your spirit and inspire fresh thought. Remember, find a spot that suits your needs, minimizes distractions, and keeps you focused. As you do, you'll feel the study aura work its magic!