Flexible Jobs for College Students

Posted By Staff Writer on June 21, 2017

For many students, life can oftentimes seem hectic. There are many stressors that most students must deal with—sometimes on a daily basis. There are the normal stresses of school: paying attention in class, taking good notes, reviewing the notes, reviewing for tests, turning assignments in on time, and myriad other things. It is no wonder that college students can sometimes get stressed out. The reality is, academic-related stresses are not the only things college students worry about. Many college students must also work while they are attending school so that they can pay for their education, housing, food, and other necessities. Working and going to school at the same time can be challenging, but it can feel deeply rewarding, too. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there is much time for certain activities. Working students are often tired, so when they do have free time, they often would like a quick nap. This can be a trying time of life indeed. But working students can help their stress levels by finding jobs that are flexible and that pay well. Students would also be wise to apply for jobs in the field that they hope to work in for their career. While it is not always possible to get a job that is flexible and will teach you valuable skills, here are a few jobs that could be a great choice for work while you are attending school.

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Office Assistant

If you're interested in business, getting your foot in the door as an office assistant could be a good start. You'll be able to learn the basic functions of an office environment, as well as become familiar with all different types of departments that can be found in a business or corporation.

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Technical Support Representative

For students studying IT, a technical support rep position can be a great way to open your eyes. You build a strong foundation in helping people with their computer and technology issues and increase your customer service skills at the same time.

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Print Shop Employee

If you're going through the Graphic Arts program, experience working in a print shop can be invaluable. Though graphic arts is virtual in nature, e.g. working with Photoshop, InDesign, and more, your projects will often end up being physical pieces of work. Learning how art files are transformed from digital to tangible in a print shop could help you down the road when you start your own freelance graphic arts business.

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Home Health or Hospice Staff Member

Healthcare can be tricky because, in order to handle any real healthcare responsibilities, you often need to have healthcare education and certifications first. However, there can sometimes be positions on-staff or in the office of a home health or hospice company that do not require you to have your training first. Just being around others who are healthcare professionals can be a valuable learning experience.


Working while going to school can be tough, gratifying, and could teach you a lot of valuable skills. If you get a job that will work with your schedule, work can be rewarding, fun, and even contribute toward your future career goals.