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The Future of Healthcare in Utah and Idaho

Posted By Staff Writer on January 24, 2017

The landscape in Utah and Idaho is changing, and not in a way you might assume; instead of shifting mountains or crumbling canyons, it's the landscape of the healthcare industry that's undergoing the most profound changes. This article will review the state of the healthcare industry in both Utah and Idaho as well as discuss the future of these healthcare sectors for years to come.

Healthcare in Utah

Utah is home to just over three million people, making it the 31st most populated state in the US. The age distribution of Utah is younger than the U.S. overall, with nearly a third of the population under 19 years of age. Thanks to the state's youthfulness and abundant outdoor activities, the population health in Utah is ranked higher than the national average. In fact, Utah is ranked sixth among the 50 states for population health and low prevalence of both obesity and diabetes. However, Utah has a higher amount of adults who deal with frequent mental distress than the national average, and death rates due to influenza and pneumonia are also more prevalent throughout the state. These factors, in conjunction with the fact that the state's abundant youth population will continue to age, contribute to Utah's ever-growing healthcare industry. In fact, Utah's job growth is predicted to increase 43.5 percent over the next 10 years, making the Beehive State the third best in the United States to pursue a medical career, according to the online job board Hospital Careers.

Healthcare in Idaho

A report recently released by the Idaho Department of Labor highlighted the key finding that healthcare employment has been one of the few consistent, reliable bright spots in the Idaho economy. Whereas many industries in the Gem State are only now starting to recover from the Great Recession, the healthcare sector has been thriving. In fact, healthcare companies across Idaho have added 46 percent more jobs to their payrolls over that last 10 years, making Idaho's healthcare industry the second-fastest growing in the nation, according to the report referenced above. Additionally, the healthcare industry makes up the second largest portion of Idaho's private-sector employment, with healthcare jobs accounting for nearly 13 percent of the state's total employment. While a majority of these jobs fall into ambulatory health care services and hospital care, Idaho's need for nursing and residential care has also undergone a continuous growth. Fortunately, this prevalent job growth is projected to continue its rise in the future. With an expected job growth of more than 36 percent, Idaho is again ranked second, nationally.

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