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Graphic Artists: A Good Portfolio Is a Must

Posted By Staff Writer on June 19, 2017

The fact that you are enrolled in college and working toward your degree, shows that you are already aware of the first important step in starting a career in graphic arts. Here you can gain the skills necessary to do your job well, and having a college degree in your field could make you more appealing to potential employers. However, while you're in school it's also important that you focus on another vital ingredient for landing the job of your dreams: a professional portfolio. In the field of graphic arts, it's possible your degree can help get you the job interview, but your portfolio may help get you the job. Your portfolio is how your potential employer will assess your skills and is a huge factor in the decision about whether you are a good fit for the job.

Here are a few tips for ensuring you have a winning portfolio by graduation:

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In every class, pick one assignment that you are proud of, and make it worthy of your portfolio. Start early, and make it a constant thought throughout your program. Near the end of your program, you'll go through these and choose the best for your actual portfolio.

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Work closely with your instructors. They are there to give you early and regular feedback on your chosen pieces, so you've got a good selection when it comes time to assemble your professional portfolio near the end of your program.

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Be coachable. Remember that your instructors have been through the interview process before, probably several times, and they know what it means to rely on their portfolio. Their job is to make sure that you're prepared to wow your future employer and get your job.

So start now, and stick with it. You'll finish your program with a portfolio you will be proud of. It will be an indispensable tool.

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Jason Merrill was the former Department Chair for Stevens-Henager College's online department. He taught graphic arts courses, such as computer fundamentals, Photoshop, and page layout tools.