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Have All the IT Jobs Been Outsourced Overseas?

Posted By Shelby on August 3, 2018

Information technology is a great industry to work in. With more and more information being transmitted every day, there is a greater need than ever to build and manage information technology systems. However, with the increase in IT has also come an increase in outsourcing. Many information technology professionals do their work remotely from places like India, China, and the Philippines. With this transformation, some may wonder whether information systems degrees are worth it. Will you potentially go to all the work of studying IT only to find that there are no jobs because they have all been outsourced? People with such concerns can rest easy. The truth is that only a fraction of IT jobs have been outsourced, and there are many jobs still available for graduates. What Jobs Are Being Outsourced? The fact of the matter is that the number of positions for IT managers will grow faster than the overall job market over the coming 10 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information systems manager jobs are expected to grow 12% by 2026. Computer support specialists are also expected to beat the national average, with an expected growth rate of 11%. Many other related IT positions are expected to grow at similar rates. But if IT jobs are so plentiful and expected to increase in the coming years, then why do we hear so much about overseas outsourcing? This storyline comes mostly from the fact that low-level IT jobs that require little education and training have in some cases been moved offshore. People with just a high school diploma might very well see their job outsourced to a worker in India or the Philippines. However, those with an information systems degree such as the type offered by Stevens-Henager College have much less to worry about. How Do You Ensure Your Job Won't Be Outsourced in the Future? Jobs that get outsourced are ultimately ones that do not require a human touch. Basic functions that are highly repetitive and do not require face-to-face interaction are easily moved to a remote location. If you would like to build a career for yourself that is free from the risk of outsourcing, you need the kind of deep expertise, problem-solving, and management skills that you gain from a college education. Stevens-Henager College offers a variety of programs that will give you exactly this level of education. We provide Bachelor's degrees in Network and Information Systems Security and Health Information Management, an Associate's degree in Computer Technology and Networking, and a Master's degree in Information Systems. If you are looking for information systems degrees to make sure you have an outsource-proof career, few offer the level of quality and convenience that Stevens-Henager does. What Other Benefits Come from a Job in IT? Not having your job outsourced overseas is a nice perk, but far from enough to make a fulfilling career. Luckily, there are many other benefits to working in information systems and technology. When U.S. News made a list of best jobs in 2015, 3 of the top 10 were in computer science. Pay is excellent in IT jobs, as are quality of life considerations such as work hours, benefits, and paid time off. Another benefit to IT jobs is how varied and interesting the work is. Because technology is always changing and updating, there are many opportunities to learn and grow. If you enjoy learning new things and being on the cutting edge of technology, you might want to consider a job in information systems and technology. It should also be noted that many jobs in the technology world haven't even been created yet. For example, there is demand now for Cloud Services Specialists, which was not a job five years ago and is still so new that it doesn't show up on websites like the Department of Labor. Focusing your degree in the world of technology means there will always be new types of jobs to explore. If any of this sounds attractive to you and you would like to consider pursuing a career in information technology, contact Stevens-Henager College to learn more. We will help you figure out what information systems degree is right for you and your desired career path. If you need help paying for college, we can help you figure out financial aid, grants and scholarships** for which you may qualify to help make college more affordable for you. If you need to meet the demands of a busy schedule, there are online programs through our affiliated online institution, Independence University. We can't wait to help you get started. Contact us today! *For graduation rates, the median debt of graduates, and other data, see **Scholarship and grant awards are limited and only available to those who qualify.