Having a Social Life While in College

Posted By Staff Writer on August 26, 2012

Yes, you read that title right. This blog post is going to talk about how you can have a social life in college. It will also cover why it is important that you have a social life in college. You may be wondering how having a social life while you are in college is even possible. You take one look at your daily planner and you see literally every hour penciled in with a class, meeting, work, or assignment. You barely have enough time to fit in everything you absolutely have to get done: how are you going to have time for a social life? Indeed, your questions are legitimate. One of the points I'd like to make is that if your schedule is this tightly packed, it may be time to let go of a few of the less important things. Make sure to keep work and school in the daily planner. As for the other things, try to examine all of your commitments and see if they're truly necessary. If you are not taking time to enjoy yourself, spend time with your family, and spend time with your significant other should you have one, than you are selling yourself short. You are not living life to the fullest, no matter how much you think you are. And you are likely to burn out soon, no matter how hard you try to stay on top of things. Why do you need to have a social life? The answer is simple. Humans are social creatures. Being social makes us happy. We need to talk with, interact, and love other humans in order to feel fulfilled ourselves. Sometimes it's annoying, but most of the time it's absolutely wonderful. We benefit from benefiting others. Having a social life gives us a time to relax and just have fun. Playing is a very important part of life that many people don't think about. You need time to refresh your brain and just let loose for a little bit. Many people believe that the richness of their relationships is what makes them the most happy in their lives. Yes, it is important to stay on top of your schoolwork at Stevens-Henager College (you've got to get that degree, right?). But while you're at it, make some time for you and your loved ones. Your mental and emotional health will thank you for years to come. Share this blog post: