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How Creativity in Graphic Design Can Help You in Life

Posted By Staff Writer on June 20, 2017

When you graduate from a graphic arts program, you're entering a career where it's possible to use your creativity every single day at the office. But did you know that the creativity and imagination you learn in graphic arts training, and the skills you use every day in the office, can also make a major difference in your life? An associate's degree in graphic arts can change how you think and how you approach the world. The creativity you use every day in your career will change your life. How?

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Solving problems and thinking in new ways

A graphic designer's job is to take an idea and make it real. You're presented with the desired outcome; the problem of how to go from an idea to the finished product is all yours to solve. You have to take an enormous number of variables into consideration: the message, the media, the target audience, your client's needs, and your client's desires. This takes more than just right-brain creativity; this kind of thinking engages your whole brain, and teaches you to think about things in new and different ways.

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Meeting challenges

When you're given an assignment at work, you can't back out of it because you're afraid it's too difficult, that you won't be able to complete it, that you're not good enough to tackle it. You have to take every challenge you're given, and you have to learn how to face it head on. And every challenge you meet teaches you more—more about design, more about problem-solving, more about yourself, and more about your ability.

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Boosting confidence

And every challenge you successfully overcome shows you that you are a real artist, a creative thinker, able to tackle big issues and wrestle them to the ground in every arena of your life, from school, to work, to your personal life.

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Producing results

You're an artist, but you can't wait for inspiration. As a graphic designer, you've got deadlines to meet and deliverables to produce. You learn how important it is to trust your instincts, to take chances, and to push through your creative blocks. You learn how to overcome your own resistance, and how to avoid the endless time-suck of procrastination that can creep into all the corners of your life.


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