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How Much Does GED® Test-Prep Cost? Is It Worth It?

Posted By Shelby on July 17, 2018

If you weren't able to finish high school, you might have thought about taking the GED® Test. With all the responsibilities in your life, you might ask yourself how much attending a GED® Test-Prep Course costs and if it's worth it. Pursuing the GED® Test will provide you with more opportunities to improve your life, which can allow you to improve the lives of your family as well. Here are a few things that show how it is more than worth the effort. You'll Qualify for Better Career Opportunities The GED® Test can open up many doors. Most job openings only require a high school diploma in terms of education. Once you pass the GED® Test, you'll qualify for positions where you'd be immediately passed over before after a simple glance at your resume. Even if you currently are happily employed, are you confident in your ability to find another position if you were to get laid off or if the company went out of business? Taking the GED® Test offers you both flexibility and a safety net. If you successfully complete the GED® Test, you'll increase your earning potential, which will allow you to pass on better opportunities to others in your family as well.

You'll Be Able to Seek Higher Education Opportunities

For most, taking a GED® Test-Prep course is just a first step. It's a foundation you can use to build a brighter future for you and your family. Many higher education opportunities require either a high school diploma or the successful completion of the GED® Test in order to apply or enroll. You can use the GED® Test to springboard into vocational schools, college, etc. Instead of feeling trapped by limited options, you can take advantage of limitless opportunities to pursue your dream career, whatever that may entail.

You'll Be More Prepared for College Courses

If it's been a while since you've been in the classroom environment, preparing for your GED® Test is a great way to prepare for the rigors of a college course. The GED® Test consists of four separate tests that assess your knowledge in different academic subjects including Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA), and Social Studies. Studying for these tests prepare you for college in two distinct ways. First, you'll learn new material and refresh your mind with information you may have forgotten. This knowledge will serve as a great base to build on when taking college courses. Second, you'll exercise the studying muscles in your brain. Some people think that they aren't good at studying or school, but the truth is studying is a skill just like any other. The more you practice, the more effective you become at using it. While studying for the GED® Test, you'll learn new methods and tricks that work for you, and you can easily carry that knowledge on as you tackle college courses.

With the Good Neighbor Initiative, It's Free!

If you are still not convinced that taking the GED® Test is worth it, then you may be interested in knowing that you can take the GED® Test at literally no cost to you. You can enjoy all of the benefits mentioned before without spending a dime. Typically, each of the four sections of the GED® Test in person will cost around $35. However, the Good Neighbor Initiative wants to make taking a GED® Test an accessible option for everyone. Because of this goal, if you study through the initiative, you can take the test for free. Really! That's not all—you'll get help every step of the way. It doesn't matter how long you've been out of school, you'll have access to useful resources and people who are dedicated to helping you succeed. The Good Neighbor Initiative provides GED® Test-Prep classes both during the day and evenings to accommodate your busy schedule. They even offer one-on-one tutoring to make sure you get the help you need. If you're interested in the next step after taking the GED® Test, request info about Stevens-Henager College's career-focused degrees.