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How to Have a Creative Friendsgiving

Posted By Krissi Karren on November 19, 2018

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year. It can be oh so fun, but nevertheless busy. Between family gatherings, to-do lists, and various holiday plans, how do you truly express the gratitude you have for your friends? Set a time specifically for your friends and create your own “Friendsgiving”. A celebration of gratitude does not have to be traditional, expensive, or messy. With a few out-of-the box spins, you can complete your holiday season with a creative Friendsgiving.

Non-Traditional Food

You either have experienced, or will experience traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Try theming your Friendsgiving around nontraditional foods that your whole group will enjoy. Friendsgiving requires teamwork to make the dream work, so each friend will bring a dish to share.

Try Brunch

Brunch is a great way to make everyone happy no matter what food they like. Plus, it is great for those who like to sleep in. Prepare breakfast and lunch items such as a French toast casserole, biscuits and gravy, or an easy quiche. If you want to take your creative Friendsgiving a little further, sign up for a community volunteer activity to do before or after your brunch.

Or a Dessert Night

Gathering friends and eating desserts is an awesome way to celebrate friendship. You can try waffle ice cream sandwiches. One friend brings a couple of boxes of frozen waffles and the rest of your friends bring their favorite ice cream. It is an easy, cheap, and mess-free treat for everyone to enjoy. If you do want to stay close to traditional, you can have a pie night. Is your group competitive? Have a contest on who makes the best pie.

Play Games

Heads up is an app that works for Android and Apple and it costs only $1. It is an interactive game that gets everyone moving and most importantly laughing. There are various categories to choose from, so this game can be entertainment for hours. Traditional card games are always a great way to bring friends together no matter how large or small the size of your group. This is a way to get everyone involved, thinking and laughing. Typically, phones are not needed for card games. Challenge your friends to see who can keep their phone out of sight and out of mind for the longest period of time. Play bingo based on a certain personality trait each of your friends. If there is someone new to your group, or if your friend brings their new S.O. that you don’t know much about, this is an awesome way to get to know them. Or, it is a great test to see how well you know your friends and hopefully learn something new about them. No one will need their cell phone, so challenge who can be away from their phone the longest with this game, too.

Go Somewhere

If no one in your group can host at their home, make your celebration an outing. There aren’t any rules that say your Friendsgiving can’t be at your local bowling alley, arcade, or restaurant. If your friends are typically home-bodies, sometimes an outing is more special than a night in. Going out does not have to be expensive. There are various daily deals at different restaurants, including student discounts, so do some research in your area and find a place that fits your budget and what your friends enjoy.  


Make It Social

Save your memories and encourage others to have their own creative Friendsgiving. Take photos and videos (before or after the no-cell phone challenge) and post them on your social media accounts. We would love to see what you come up with, so tag us @StevensHenager or hashtag, #StevensHenager or #CreativeFriendsgiving and we will feature your gathering on our Instagram story.