How to Organize Your Class Notes

Posted By Staff Writer on December 20, 2013

While you may have been already told by various people that one of the key components of succeeding in college is good note taking, there is much more to it than just that.  Some students think that their grade depends on how well they are able to write down everything the instructor says during class or while reading a chapter in the textbook, but that's actually not always true.  Read through these points to determine if your note taking is as organized as it should be.

Be Selective in Note Taking

We tend to equate smart, successful students with those who are constantly writing down everything that is happening in a class or study period.  However, that's not always the case.  While it's never a good idea to not write down important aspects of what you are learning, writing down absolutely everything that happens can be harmful in the long run.  Don't be afraid to limit your note taking.  While you may feel nervous about not writing down everything, it will help you later on when you try to find the information you need.

Use a System that Works for You

Some people might swear by alphabetical organization and others might continuously preach the benefits of chronologically ordering your notes, but don't feel pressured.  The best way to organize your notes is the one you feel most comfortable with.  There's no point choosing a system that seems foreign to you.  It's much better to choose a note taking system that you will always remember and know how to use and organize.  So whether you color code your papers or put cute stickers on them, just make sure it works for you.

Physically Organize your Notes

With all the effort you expend coming up with good note taking habits and ways to organize your notes, also make sure that you have a way to keep those notes readily available to you.  Whether you use a laptop or a notebook, make sure the files or books are stored in a way that will help you easily recall where relevant information is.  Take the time to plan ahead and you'll reap the benefits later. Share this blog post: