Jason Stott: Rising Higher in His Career

Posted By Staff Writer on December 7, 2015

When Jason Stott realized he needed his college degree, he was already working at a startup tech company. “I had no previous experience or knowledge in web development and graphic design,” Jason recalls. “They kind of threw it at me to see if I would do well, and I did.” While Jason was able to get things done, he recognized a gap in his knowledge and credentials. “I didn't have much experience working with images, the ins and outs of design software. I didn't have any pieces of paper that said I knew what I was doing. I wanted to get a degree.” Finding the Right College As a resident of Provo, Utah, Jason had several local colleges to choose from. “I checked through every college to see which college had the best education for what I was looking for,” he says. He chose Stevens-Henager College. “Stevens-Henager works with your schedule, whether it be in the morning, noon, or evening,” Jason says. “A lot of colleges don't have that availability. I was much more impressed with the professionalism and the quality of Stevens-Henager—the building, the people, the personnel. I had a very good impression when I came to visit this college.” Another aspect of Stevens-Henager that Jason valued was the instructors. “If I had any questions after hours or whatever, they were always willing to answer my questions. They know what they're talking about. The classes are generally fairly small, sometimes only 6 to 10 people.” Enjoying a Career Boost At Stevens-Henager, Jason increased his knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other design software. “It really helped open my eyes to the true power of these programs and enabled me to do more in my job.” In addition, Jason enhanced his skills in several computer languages for web development, such as HTML, Java, and CSS. “They covered a lot of different areas in the programming field that can help a web developer build a website with full functionality.” After receiving his associate's degree in graphic design, Jason continued at Stevens-Henager to get his bachelor's degree in web design and development. He now works as the senior front-end web developer and graphic designer at his company. Jason Stott shares his success story below: