4 Less-Known Resources at Stevens-Henager College

Posted By Staff Writer on July 5, 2017

When searching for how a school can benefit your education, collegiate resources are important to consider. Stevens-Henager College has resources such as teachers, mentors, and academic and financial advisers as well as career services advisers devoted to helping graduates find a job.1 While these are all beneficial, Stevens-Henager College also has some resources that might not be as well-known to its students and graduates:

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Campus Facebook Pages

While there is a general Facebook page for Stevens-Henager College, each campus is different in their own way with unique teachers, professors, courses, and locations. This is why each campus has its own Facebook page. For example, Stevens-Henager College in Logan as well as Idaho Falls both have active Facebook pages that are excellent resources for all sorts of information. Students can stay connected with campus events, study tips, and even canceled classes. The campus Facebook pages offer invaluable specific information.

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Each campus offers some way of providing extra study help to students. Tutoring may come from your own classmates or extra time from an instructor. Sometimes contacts will be set up in class, and other times you can see available tutors through the online student portal. Contact your campus for more specific information. While the campuses may differ in approach, each one is committed to helping students graduate. Tutoring helps students to keep pace!

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Better Life Blog

Stevens-Henager College's Better Life Blog is packed with articles ranging from study tips to career advice to alumni profiles. These blog posts offer helpful and practical information for all aspects of student life. Some blog posts are written by instructors, faculty, graduates, and staff to incorporate a unique perspective.

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LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

Stevens-Henager College maintains many social networking sites to provide information useful to both students and graduates. LinkedIn is not only a great place for online networking; it also provides discussions on topics from education to careers. Twitter is a great place to keep up with Stevens-Henager College news, along with career advice and employment opportunities (and, of course, the occasional bit of comic relief). Check out Pinterest for quick access to the best of our past and present blog posts as well as other great resources from across the web. You can also share photos of campus happenings on Instagram using #StevensHenager to be featured on Stevens-Henager College's feed.

With these additional resources, we strive to ensure that useful resources are always available to our students, graduates, and community. After all, knowledge is power, and that is what Stevens-Henager College works hard to provide.