Research, Research, Research: The Importance of Knowing Your Career Industry In and Out

Posted By Staff Writer on December 13, 2012

Do you think you know what industry you want to be a part of? Do you think you know exactly what career you want to pursue? You might decide you want to enter the healthcare field—but how many healthcare careers are available? It's probably a lot more complex than you think. For instance, beyond the doctors and nurses that come to mind when you say “health career,” there's a whole constellation of opportunities in the healthcare field. And each one has a specific path and specific educational requirements. And not only that, but as technology and knowledge expand, new careers are being created every day. Knowing in general what you want to do is a good first step in choosing a career, but career and industry research is essential when considering what kind of job is your ultimate goal—and you might even turn up a whole new position you didn't realize existed. You'll move beyond assumptions you've developed about a field when you gather concrete information. And those objective sources will help you not only make better decisions about your education, but also help land you a job once you've graduated. Research will tell you which colleges in Salt Lake City have the best degree programs and best job placement rates. Research about job outlook and salary ranges is what will help you decide if you want to pursue a medical specialties degree or check out associate's degrees in information technology. Research about major developments in the field you want to enter, about the best employers in the field, about career paths, about opportunities beyond entry-level jobs will help you ace a job interview once you've graduated. No matter what field you choose, it's vital to understand how it works, industry trends, and more—staying on top of your field is a matter of staying on top of industry news. So do your research before you decide to pursue a career field—but never stop learning about your industry if you want to stay on top.
Author Bio Sara Nelson is the Social Media Guru for Stevens-Henager College, overseeing the college's profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more. She is also a student in the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program, and she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to good music, and eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.