Salt Lake City (Murray) Campus Term Awards—Summer 2017

Posted By Staff Writer on October 16, 2017

In recognition for outstanding academic achievement, the following students of the Salt Lake City (Murray) campus have been selected for these honors by earning the necessary grade point average while enrolled as a full-time student during the summer term. Please join us in congratulating these hardworking students!

President's List (3.91-4.0 GPA)

Adams, Erin A Hannah, Elliot H Perry, Jurlando C
Alejandre, Sandra E Herzog, Lisa Pickering, Troy L
Allen, Trent W Hughes, Heather R Ponce, Jonathan G
Alvord, Kaytlyn M Hunt, Ashley K Rasmussen, Miranda R
Antelope, DaKoda A King, Chelsey R Rowley, Lisa
Aynagoz, Margarita Kirby, James T Roylance, Tristan J
Briceno, Jesus A Latu, Muliaingaosamoa Russell, Kira L
Brown, Robert Latu, Tomasi A Sadler, Jaclyn
Cimmers, John H Leeper, Jill Sanchez, Diego A
Cook, Tyler V Maldonado, Maribel Sellers, Shawn D
Covert, Christina M Marcus, Jennifer H Smith, Gerald V
Daniels, Troy E Martinez, Mia B Stone, Peter J
Eagar, Brittany E Mayo, Marlene Torkelson, Christine E
Eddy, Charles R McDaniels, Kristina A Turner, Ernest W
Fatahian, Kathy L Mecham, Troy O Van Beuge, Kevin C
Fischer, Abby M Mendoza Sanchez, Diana G Wanlass, Acacia A
Garcia, Monica Miera, Brandy N Wilcox, William E
Greensides, Mathew R Miller, Anthony D Winn, Michael C
Grimes, Shan L Minson, Heather S Young, Nathan D
Hall, Roger B Park, Joseph A

Dean's List (3.76-3.90 GPA)

Allen, Trent W Godoy, Alexander M Perry, Jurlando C
Antelope, DaKoda A Greensides, Mathew R Pollei, Stephen C
Ashman, Samantha N Hall, Roger B Sebit, Jemima B
Brazell, Heather N Hardy, Devin J Shumway, Steven M
Bryant, Tyrell O Herrera, Brian Stebbins, Taylor L
Clark, McCall Hunter, Joshua B Turgeon, Cynthia
Cropper, Callie S Kirby, James T Vosburg, Daniel J
Daniels, Kristina M Miller, Anthony D Wilcox, William E
Denet, Dennise V Mireles, Berenice Williams, Trevor J
Eagar, Brittany E Mohebbi Zadeh, Jessica Winn, Michael C
Eddy, Charles R Murry, Monique N Young, Nathan D
Farnsworth, Jordan F Penix, Sharon C Zaugg, Andrea

Honor Roll (3.50-3.75 GPA)

Ashman, Samantha N Bergstrom, Sean R Conway, Andrew I
Elegante, Brooke W Farnsworth, Jordan F Garrison, Courtney R
Codoy, Alexander M Ho, Tiffany K Hoth, Simon K
Jones, Roberta L Khantivong, Daniel Kotarski, Kaitlyn N
Limb, Kristy Mireles, Berenice Mohebbi Zadeh, Jessica L
Ouzts, Brian P Pakele, Mercades K Pollei, Stephen C
Riehle, Daniel S Sebit, Jemima B Stanley, Kylee L
Villegas, Cindy C Vosburg, Daniel J Wanlass, Acacia A
Williams, Trevor J C

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