Socializing: Making Lasting Connections While in College

Posted By Staff Writer on June 15, 2013

Sometimes it can be easy to go to your classes at Stevens-Henager and go through the motions. You show up, you participate and you leave. Although this may be easy, it is important that you realize that you can get so much more out of your program at Stevens-Henager if you change this habit.  Going to class is something that you should be doing, but getting to know your classmates while you are in class is a great way to enhance your college experience. Getting to know your classmates can provide you with great resources for success while you are in college and after you are done with your college courses. While you are taking your classes, you should understand that getting to know those that are in your classes with you can be a huge help. You may feel much more comfortable forming study groups and with the formation of study groups you may be able to grasp concepts easier and be more successful in your classes. You may also feel more motivation to succeed in your classes.  When you are attached to and have relationships with people in your classes, it may be harder to justify sleeping through your early classes or leaving school early and missing your late class. After you are done with college, you will be working with and around people that probably got a similar education to you. By getting to know your classmates you may open yourself up to networking opportunities that could shape your career. Although it may be scary reaching out to your classmates or you may feel that you just don't have time to develop these relationships, take time to start to get to know the people around you. You may be able to help someone and you may find that your classmates are able to help you.