Stevens-Henager College Strives to Open a Library in Ghana, Africa

Posted By Krissi Karren on December 6, 2018

Our Part

The air is crisp and holiday music is bouncing through the town. We have reached the time of the year where we reflect on all that we have, give thanks and give to others. This year at Stevens-Henager College, we feel very grateful for education. So we decided to partner with the African Library Project to open a library in Ghana, Africa. At each Stevens-Henager College campus, there is a large drive box located in the main lobby where members of the community, staff and students can donate gently used (or new) preschool to 4th grade books. Every campus has the goal to collect 150 books. As we work together, we can change lives in Ghana, Africa.

About the African Library Project

The African Library Project partners with African schools and villages to start small libraries in African countries. To start these libraries, the ALP coordinates book drives in the United States and Canada. This project supports both children and adults to read and write in English, a language that is critical to their education. Because of poor access to reading materials, literacy tops out, even for teachers, at about the 8th grade US level in the rural areas in which the African Library Project works.

About Ghana

According to the African Library Project, many Ghanaians live in circular homes made out of mud and wood with floors of beaten gravel. Two thirds of Ghanaians are farmers with cacao as the number one cash crop. Education is the one way that any Ghanaian can improve their own life and life of their family. There are established schools in Ghana, but the lack of an adequate supply of books makes it impossible to learn more than what is presented in schools. People of Ghana quote, “We are so very grateful to the people who are organizing book drives to help start libraries in Ghana, to the Members of Parliament supporting library development, to all of our volunteers, to the people donating books and to the African Library Project”. They hope that with education, their lives will be full of new possibilities.

We Believe

Stevens-Henager believes that education is a step to a brighter future. If you, or any affiliations you are involved with would like to donate, visit your local Stevens-Henager to drop off your gently used or new preschool to junior high school books. Or see the amazon wish list. If you do not have any books to donate, the simple act of sharing our book drive will contribute to our success.


“For over 100 years, Stevens-Henager College has been solely focused on providing education and training to help people change and improve their lives. That’s what we’re all about!  Changing lives is what drives our staff and faculty every day.  We know that education, perhaps more than anything else, is the key to opportunity, growth, and building a better future. Providing educational resources beyond just our own colleges, like we’re doing with the project in Ghana, is simply another extension of our employees’ dedication to changing lives.”  - Eric Juhlin, President of Stevens-Henager College


“Did you know?” Facts Courteous of the African Library Project:

Most African children grow up without books, while U.S. bookshelves and landfills overflow with books no longer read. Africa has the highest percentage of illiteracy in the world. Books are the key to increasing literacy, and literacy is the #1 tool out of poverty. Many African teachers teach reading, writing, math and English without even a single book to use as a resource. Many adult Africans lose their ability to read due to a lack of reading materials