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Top 5 Careers for Human Resources

Posted By Staff Writer on March 15, 2018

Are you currently working to complete your degree in human resources, or hoping to pursue one in the future? Careers in human resources are expected to continue growing over the next ten years at a steady rate as businesses grow, new ones get started, and more help is needed within the field. The field of human resources is broad and full of valuable career options, making it possible to find one to suit your personal strengths and interests. Here are 5 positions within the field of human resources that can offer you an exciting and rewarding career.

1. Recruiter

The position of recruiter is currently one of the highest in demand in human resources. Recruiters are responsible for hiring new employees. As long as the drive to hire is high, these positions will remain in high demand. A recruiter is typically hired to coordinate all of the hiring and recruitment efforts within a company, seeking out potential employees, conducting interviews, and ultimately extending the offer of employment. If guiding new and future employees through the hiring process is something that interests you, this position may be a good fit.

2. Manager of Compensation and Benefits

Sometimes split into two separate positions, the manager of compensation and benefits has many important responsibilities within the office. If you have a particular interest in coordinating the compensation or benefits of employees, this position allows you to do just that. Managers in charge of compensation are responsible for planning the amount each employee is paid within a business based upon market data, while those in charge of benefits manage health insurance, retirement plans, and any other benefits offered by the company.

3. HR Director/Manager

An HR director or manager is in charge of managing the entire HR team, including recruiters, those in charge or training and benefits, and any other positions within the department. As an HR director or manager, you can expect to have your hand in every position to make sure that all HR functions within the company are going smoothly.

4. Specialist in Development and Training

If you prefer to teach and help others improve their understanding of HR topics, an HR position in development and training is one to consider. Within this capacity, you'll be expected to plan and prepare trainings on a variety of HR topics including:
  • On-the-job procedures
  • New concepts essential to job functions
  • Employee expectations
  • Ongoing employee education
  • Much more

5. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Analyst

As a Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Analyst, you can expect to handle more of the tech side of HR, including maintaining the databases and software necessary to perform HR functions, like completing payroll and managing employee records and benefits. This is a vital aspect of every HR department, and thus this position is integral to the proper functioning of the company as a whole, making sure the technical aspect of the HR department runs smoothly.

Take It to the Next Level

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