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Top Five Things to Do in Provo, Utah

Posted By Patrick Oney on November 19, 2018

When you looking for a college to attend, location often plays a big role in your decision. If your search for higher education has led you to Provo, Utah or a surrounding city, you may be wondering what there is to do around town, on weekends, and in between classes. Provo, Utah is full of fun, exciting things to do no matter your age or interest. Whether you are just starting out, or you're returning to college, this time with a family in tow, Provo is the place for you.

Get Educated

There are several college campuses located in Provo, Utah, but students getting college degrees is not the only reason Provo is an informational and educational hotbed. Hit up several local museums like the Bean Museum or the Museum of Peoples and Cultures. You can also take an athletic or skill based class offered by the Provo Parks and Recreation Department or learn a new art skill in classes offered by local artisans. There are also meditation and yoga classes offered around the city, as well as cooking classes and financial literacy classes. Provo also offers painting studios and soap factories where you can put your new skills to the test.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Provo, UT is home to a handful of unique sweet shops. From grommet ice cream to cookie delivery services, and everything in between, if you have a sweet tooth, Provo has something to keep you satisfied. Try one of the following sweet shops stops, or go exploring and find a tasty treat of your own.
  • Rockwell Ice Cream: A local favorite, Rockwell Ice Cream serves gourmet ice cream creations. Muddy Buddy, Honeycomb, Black Charcoal Coconut, and Salted Caramel are a few local favorite flavors that people line up for. New, exciting flavors are added and rotated weekly.
  • Chip: Every college student gets a late night sugar craving mid-study session at some point, and if you're cramming for a test and can't leave your apartment, Chip can help. Chip is a late-night cookie delivery service that will bring hot cookies and milk right to your door.
  • The Penguin Brothers: The Penguin Brothers bring you the best of both worlds with fancy cookie ice cream sandwiches like you've never had before. In true Provo style, the only place you can get a taste of this sweet treat is from the Penguin Brother's food truck.
  • Pop N' Sweets: Featuring unique candy and soda sourced from around the world, Pop N' Sweets is a sugary stop that you won't want to miss. Stop by between classes and grab a German chocolate bar or a rootbeer from South Africa, your sweet tooth options are unlimited.

Vibe With the Music Scene

Provo, Utah is a unique blend of musical fusion coming together to create a music scene unlike any other college town. With local music venues, a bumping summer concert series, and a list of big bands who got their start here ( we're looking at you Neon Trees) — Provo is definitely a musical city.  There are several live music locations in the city like The Velour and The Wall. Most venues have open mic nights for aspiring musicians to give it a shot. There are also a few karaoke bars like Heart and Seoul, where less serious music lovers can jam out. If listening to music is more your thing, you can't miss out on the Rooftop Concert Series the first Friday of the month all summer long.

Get Active

Provo offers several ways to get and stay active during your college stay. Whether you're looking for a local gym, or want a family-friendly workout center the Provo Rec Center is your place. If you prefer to get your exercise outside, the Provo River Trail is a beautiful path to run or walk outdoors. As a bike-centric city, you can ride your bike all over Provo and get where you need to go and burning a few extra calories while you're at it. If you run into a problem with your bike take it to the Provo Bike Collective where fellow bikers can help you fix it for free.

The Great Outdoors

A big draw to Provo is the great outdoors. Head up Provo Canyon and hike, bike, longboard, picnic, fish or float the river. On a fall afternoon or a hot summer's day, your bound to find something relaxing to do up the canyon. There are several parks up the canyon where events are held throughout the year like music festivals and storytelling festivals. If the canyon isn't your scene, consider spending a day out on Utah Lake boating or on a kayak. There are plenty of outdoor equipment rental places around Provo, so you can always have the gear you need for fun activities. Deciding where to get a college degree can be a hard choice. Whether you have a little college under your belt and are looking for a change and a fresh start, or you're just out of high school, Stevens-Henager College has a campus that fits your wants and needs. You higher education quest shouldn't be forced to fit into the mold of a traditional four-year college. You are unique with individual circumstances and your college experience should be tailored to fit you, not the other way around. If Provo, UT, sounds like it would be a great fit for you, learn more about Stevens-Henager College's Provo location requesting more info today.