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The Top Tech Companies in Utah and Idaho

Posted By Staff Writer on August 25, 2017

The tech industry is booming in the mountain west, with Utah and Idaho at the heart of it. Over the past decade or so, these two states have become home to big companies and tech entrepreneurs alike. With millions pouring in from venture capitalists, and talent from across the country flocking to the Rockies, there's plenty of opportunity for ambitious and enterprising individuals to make their mark. Most importantly, the growth means that developers, programmers, and individuals seeking similar occupations no longer need to relocate to Silicon Valley to find work. To prove it, we've put together this list of the top tech companies in Utah and Idaho.

Utah's Top Tech Companies

Utah's “Silicon Slopes” are quickly rivaling Silicon Valley, especially since Utah offers low taxes, low cost of living, and plenty of competition to make it a hotbed for tech entrepreneurs and startups. Below are some of the big local names to look out for.

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Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Farmington, Utah, Pluralsight came about when three developers decided to share their knowledge and skills with others via classroom instruction. Now one of Utah's tech unicorns (companies receiving venture capital, and valued at $1 billion or more), Pluralsight provides training to IT professionals, programmers, and creative professionals online.

As of 2014, Pluralsight used over 600 experts to create its nearly 4,000 courses, which it offers to its three-quarters of a million subscribers. That's quite a lot of progress in ten years for three Utah developers.

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A Provo-based SaaS (software as a service) company founded in 2002, Qualtrics provides research software to businesses who need to do online data collection and analysis. Now boasting over a thousand employees, Qualtrics helps businesses conduct marketing research, perform product and concept testing, collect data on loyalty and customer satisfaction, and more. Their growth has even necessitated expansion to Seattle, Washington. Like Pluralsight, Qualtrics is another of Utah's tech unicorns.

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The American Fork-based SaaS, Domo, became one of Utah's unicorns very quickly— it was founded in 2010. Their software is a business intelligence solution that offers dynamic data visualization and helps businesses keep track of all the key performance indicators they monitor.

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Idaho's Top Tech Companies

While the tech industry is not quite as robust in Idaho as it is in Utah, it's growing fast. Home to major names since the 1970s, Idaho is attracting more and more attention, especially in the Boise Valley. Below are some of the biggest names.

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Few people know it, but technology giant HP built its printer division in 1973 in Boise, Idaho, where it developed the company's first LaserJet printer almost 30 years ago. Since then, the company has expanded (locally and globally), coming to encompass products and services like personal computers, software, and IT infrastructure. It boasts more than 4,000 employees and is one of Boise Valley's biggest employers.

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Micron Technology

Micron Technology, among the foremost of the world's advanced semiconductor solution providers, started right in Boise Valley. Offering a full suite of DRAM, NOR Flash and NAND Flash memory, the company provides much of the computing world with the memory it needs to function. It's a bigger employer even than HP at 8,000, and though it has operations worldwide, it's still headquartered in the Gem State.

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Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics is among Idaho's younger tech companies, starting only in 2004. Another SaaS company, Clearwater does web-based reporting for investment portfolios. It has nearly 5,000 clients, boasting big names like Cisco, Yahoo, and Google. They've done well for themselves in a short time, boasting a current value of $650 billion in assets. Like Micron Technology, it's headquartered in good ol' Boise, keeping the success and profit local.


This list is in no way comprehensive, as there are many other solid companies that have found success in the tech industry in both Utah and Idaho. If you're wondering how you can claim yourself a piece of their success pie, know that there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for a job in these industries. With a degree from Stevens-Henager College, you'll have the confidence to apply for your dream job and join the growth in the tech industry.* Contact us today.