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Using Social Media to Enhance your Education

Posted By Staff Writer on June 26, 2017

International conversations are only a click away these days. An American can make contact with a Filipino in Manila. A Russian can create a friendship with a Peruvian. Anyone can reach almost anyone else, virtually, through the use of social media. It connects people to each other and to businesses. Also, when used in the right way, social media can actually enhance your educational experience. Avoid using it as a time-waster, and instead, use it as a tool. Here are some ways to get social media to help enhance your education!

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Join or start a study group

Join or start a study group online. By using Facebook as a tool for quick and effective team communication, you will be in good shape for the next team project. This could ultimately help you boost your GPA.

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Keep up with current events

Watch the updates and trends of businesses, schools, industry leaders, and academics. This is a way to stay in touch with the world. Twitter is a great platform for this because you're able to receive short, and digestible updates from the influencers you're following. Having up-to-date information can give you real-world application of what you are learning in school. (Pro tip: follow us on Twitter for news updates and college life hacks!).

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Build a professional network

Build lasting connections and a strong professional network that you can build on during and after your college experience. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for this because it is meant to be a professional networking space where you can stay up-to-date with industry trends and connect with key players in your career field of choice. (Pro tip: Read our etiquette guide for tips on how to maintain a professional presence on LinkedIn).

If done right, social media can actually enhance your learning in college and give you more up-to-date information. Using social media for your own academic performance can, therefore, be an extremely useful tool in the right hands. Make sure that you understand the power of social media in your education process. Also, be sure to join the Stevens-Henager College community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn