What Your Admissions Consultant Does to Make Sure You're Ready For School

Posted By Staff Writer on October 11, 2017

Getting started in school should be a thrilling time in life. Unfortunately, many college students quickly become frustrated with the complicated, murky route of navigating through the admissions process. Like an oasis in a desert, having someone in your corner to support, encourage, and guide you each step of the way can be invaluable.

You're More Than a Number

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Have you ever been in a school, classroom, or group setting where you felt like just another number, or simply another checkpoint on someone's to-do list? This distressing feeling can easily lead to frustration, sometimes to the point of throwing up your hands and waving the white flag of surrender. You will notice a much different approach with us. The mission of Stevens-Henager College is to help students graduate and get a much better job sooner. This is accomplished one student at a time.

One-On-One Career Planning

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From leading campus tours, discussing the overall benefits of your college experience, and helping you find the right program to fit your needs, the admissions consultants at Stevens-Henager College work with you on an individual basis to provide a customized experience from beginning to end. This also includes helping students work out the perfect schedule, discussing career options after graduation, and helping students apply for scholarships.

Financial Aid

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Few things appear more daunting and complicated than making sure you qualify for as much financial aid as possible. At some colleges, the admissions and financial aid departments are completely separated. At Stevens-Henager College, the admissions consultants work shoulder-to-shoulder with skilled financial planners to provide the best results, personal touch, smoothest process, and most rewarding experience possible for all students. This is a unique setting that makes sure each student—on an individual basis—receives everything they may qualify for. Don't ever let fear of the process prohibit you from accomplishing your dreams. In most scenarios, the first step of the journey towards what you want is often the most difficult. The admissions consultants at Stevens-Henager College will help make that first step an easy one.  Come see for yourself the difference a one-on-one, individual plan, with personal touch, can do to help you get started on achieving those dreams.

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