why you shouldn't set 2018 new year resolutions

Why You Shouldn’t Set 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Posted By Staff Writer on December 21, 2017

There are plenty of reasons why you should set New Year's resolutions, but what about the reasons why you shouldn't?

You Don't Want To

On the surface, you really do want to make a change. However, deep down inside you are very comfortable where you are at and what you're already doing. You don't really feel a need to shake things up and do something hard or unpleasant. Besides, if it's not possible to reach the highest points of success, then what's the point in even trying, right?

Try This: Make a list of all the “pros” and benefits that will come from making a change, even if you aren't feeling particularly motivated.

You Are Afraid

In all honesty, making a change can be scary. The change itself along with its results may push you far outside your comfort zone. If that's not enough, the fear of failing is real and can go a long way to holding you back from getting something you ultimately want.

Try This: Deal your list of drawbacks. Preempt pitfalls. Coming up with all the “cons” or downsides of working on or achieving your goal will help to reassure you as you continually move forward.

You Don't Know How

Unanswered questions often loom above our unsettled resolutions. Without knowing what to expect and being fully prepared first, there's simply no way to feel confident in your ability (or even desire) to accomplish your goal.

Try This: Write down all of your questions and concerns, then systematically work diligently to find the answers and solutions to each one of them. Doing due diligence will relieve the swirling thoughts in your mind and make your path forward more clear.

Thinking Man

You're Not Ready

If one (or many) of these reasons why you shouldn't make any New Year's resolutions sounds like your inner voice, then you're simply not ready. Don't beat yourself up over it! Methodically work to resolve your reasons. There is always next year!

Resolution vs Commitment

There is a vast difference between making a resolution and making a commitment.

  • Resolution: The act of resolving or determining a course of action.
  • Commitment: A pledge or promise.
Take a moment to ponder on the difference between those seemingly similar words and then you'll realize that they're not very similar at all. It starts to make a lot of sense why so many people fail to uphold their New Year's resolutions . . . because a resolution is literally just coming up with a plan, not actually acting on it! For that, you need to commit. With New Year's resolutions, the fact is that it's socially acceptable to fail at them year after year. After all, everyone understands and empathizes. Everyone's been there and will make you feel better about your resolute failures. However, the same empathetic outcomes are not the case if you fail to meet your commitments. When you go so far as to verbally, mentally, and emotionally commit to something or someone, you won't go as easy on yourself if you fail (and, neither will others). Making this simple shift in vocabulary can create a real and significant impact on how hard you work to get the results you truly want.

Be True To Yourself

Committing to Your True Self

It's much easier to resolve to commit when you utilize a SMART plan. Feel free to use any of the words that correlate with each letter in order to make the acronym your own.

  • Specific, simple, sensible, significant
  • Measurable, meaningful, motivational
  • Achievable, agreed
  • Relevant, reasonable, realistic, resourced, results-based
  • Time bound, time/cost limited
You can't stop at committing to your goals, though. You need to commit to yourself. Admitting all the impressive advantages to “making it” will better help you understand yourself and your own needs. The fact is, working hard and achieving your innermost aspirations makes you a better person. Each win you experience pushes you to win again and again, changing your life. The momentum propels you forward and with each step, you will feel more in control of your own destiny, as well as your family's. In short, as your vision of yourself and what you're capable of doing expands, you will naturally feel more self-confident and amazed at what you can accomplish. Are you ready to request more information on a degree program at Stevens-Henager College?