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Bachelor of Science
Business Administration
with a New Media Marketing emphasis

Orem (Provo), UT Campus

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At Stevens-Henager College, we offer a variety of programs and degrees to help you gain the skills necessary to take the first steps toward a successful career in business, and our Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration are a great stepping stone. Designed to help train tomorrow’s leaders, our program helps you gain the skills necessary to find success in whatever career you choose to pursue with your newly acquired skills. A few skills you can expect to gain include:


  • Social media for business
  • Technology in marketing
  • Retail marketing
  • Influence and persuasion in business
  • Advertising
  • And more


Earning your Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a New Media Marketing Emphasis allows you to seek employment in a variety of different fields, including business, technology, retail, and many more. In addition to these skills, you’ll gain a firm understanding of administrative and managerial practices which will be beneficial in allowing you to grow within a company and fill those management positions, or be successful in establishing and building your own business.


Whether you’re new to the college experience or going back to expand your horizons and make yourself more marketable, the Business Administration program at our Orem (Provo) campus is designed specifically with your needs in mind. And because we understand that everyone is different, we offer the flexibility of online courses in addition to on-campus classes so you can find the best fit for your own personal schedule.



Degrees Designed for Students Needing Flexibility in Their Program Schedule


Stevens-Henager College understands how hard it is to manage a busy schedule that also needs to include getting your degree. That's why Stevens-Henager College offers a mix of online and on-campus classes. We work hard to allow you the benefits of interacting with your instructor and other students in class, as well as utilizing the flexibility of taking some of your classes online to assist you in completing your degree in a way that can work well with your busy schedule.

Orem (Provo)

In the very heart of the Silicon Slopes, you’ll find our Orem (Provo) campus just south of Brent Brown Toyota and Scion. From the University Parkway exit, head south on South Sandhill Road until you spot us on the west side of the road. Our two-story facility has all of the features and amenities necessary to help you thrive in your studies and earn the best possible education.


At Stevens-Henager College, we offer the resources you need to help you excel in your educational experience, including a learning environment that allows you to cultivate the knowledge you’ll need to find success in your future career. In addition, we have knowledgeable instructors with hands-on experience who can offer you real-world advice to truly prepare you for your future career. And with Wi-Fi access available all throughout campus, it’s possible to connect with your instructors and continue learning no matter where you are.


1476 South Sandhill Road

Orem, UT 84058

(801) 373-0285


Regardless of whether you choose to participate in on-site classes at our Orem (Provo) campus or online courses, Stevens-Henager College offers you the skills and learning experiences you need to reach for your career goals. Contact us today to learn more.

  1. The college does not guarantee a job. Gaining employment is the graduate’s responsibility.
  2. Program subject material is subject to change. For up-to-date details, see the current version of the student catalog.
  3. General completion timeframe of an Associate’s degree.

Stevens-Henager College admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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