Explore the schools of Stevens-Henager College - West Haven (Ogden)

the school of healthcare

With the right degree you could start a fulfilling and rewarding career or advance in your current career. Join one of America’s most rewarding career fields with Stevens-Henager College - West Haven (Ogden).

Stevens-Henager’s School of Healthcare provides several degree programs designed for employment in today’s healthcare landscape. Take your first step by choosing your degree.

school of healthcare

the school of business

The job market in today’s business world is fiercely competitive. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need the right degree showing you have the skills that employers demand.

Stevens-Henager College - West Haven (Ogden)’s business programs can help you gain the set of skills you need to get ahead in business, accounting, human resources, and other specializations. Find your business degree here.

school of business

the school of technology

Whether you’re into hardware, software, information systems, information technology (IT) offers lots of exciting options to job seekers.

The programs taught by Stevens-Henager College - West Haven (Ogden)’s School of Technology can help you gain the tech savvy you need to starting building your IT career. Choose which direction you’d like to take you career here.

School of Technology