Center for Excellence in Higher Education Announces New Curriculum for GED Preparation Classes

Posted By Staff Writer on January 23, 2014

  Salt Lake City (January 23, 2014)  — The Good Neighbor Initiative (GNI) released a new curriculum this month for GED preparation classes to accommodate and serve those looking to take the new GED exam. The GED exam introduced a new format and content at the beginning of the year to better match Common Core standards. With the launch of the new exam, the Good Neighbor Initiative provides updated curriculum and study tools for GED class attendees. The Center for Excellence in Higher Education estimates the need for GED tutoring will increase in 2014 because of the rigorous grading system and new testing style. Under the new exam format, candidates will be required to provide written statements for many questions and the exam will be taken on a computer. "Our instructional model is changing to match the demands of the new exam," said Stephanie Williamson, director of the Good Neighbor Initiative. "The changes in the GED exam are significant and people who did not complete high school will need tutoring to ensure success. The Good Neighbor Initiative is here for those students." The new GED exam, which went into effect this month, combines extensive writing, critical thinking and computer skills into the exam. Previously, the GED exam was focused on question and answer recall, but the new exam follows the Common Core, which requires students to understand, show examples for, and provide reasons for nearly every answer. The GNI is a community outreach service that provides classes, workshops and education at no cost to participants, including covering the costs of exam fees such as the GED® exam. Since the Good Neighbor Initiative launched in 2012, many GNI attendees have gone on to pursue additional higher education within their communities, strengthening their local economies and providing more stability for their families. The Good Neighbor Initiative wants the GED to be a springboard to higher education and better job opportunities. The availability of specialized GNI classes varies by campus, depending on the needs of the community, but all on-ground campuses offer free GED preparation classes. Some of the specialized offerings include CPR, computer skills, employment workshops and more. To find out which GNI offerings are available in their area, community members should contact the campus closest to them. CEHE and its system of colleges offer associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in healthcare, business, information technology and graphic arts. For more information about the Good Neighbor Initiative, visit or call 1-800-622-2640.

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