Friday Link Roundup: “My First Job Was for Free”, 36 Historical Photos—In Color, and More

Posted By Staff Writer on November 22, 2013

  Happy Friday! It's time for our weekly link roundup, where we bring you the most interesting, useful, informative, or cool stuff we find on our travels across the Web. This week: four steps to speed up your job search, business and accounting degrees are in demand, and more!
  • Should you work for free? Depending on your situation, completing an unpaid internship may not always be an option. However, don't pass up an excellent opportunity just because you don't want to work for little or no pay. Check out this inspiring success story from Byron Deeter whose first job was—guess what?—unpaid.
  • Images from World War II. The Great Depression. The Hindenburg Disaster. These realistically colored photographs taken in decades long past make history more real than ever. View these incredible works of art here.
  • Is your job search going a lot slower than you might like? Shift your job hunt into overdrive with these four easy steps.
  • Thinking about earning your degree in business or accounting? Now's actually a great time! According to Melvin Mark Brady, Associate Dean of Business and Accounting at the Logan campus of Stevens-Henager College, jobs in these fields are in demand.
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