Ogden/West Haven Campus – 3rd Quarter 2013, Academic Lists

Posted By Staff Writer on November 1, 2013

  Each quarter the campuses of Stevens-Henager College acknowledge the academic achievement of their students by presenting them with quarterly awards. A list of the recipients of these awards are posted at the campuses so the entire student body and faculty can recognize their achievements. The Ogden/West Haven campus also likes to share this list online on the official blog so that students can have an easy way to share their proud achievements with family and friends. We would like to recognize these students who have worked hard and commend them for their efforts. Check the lists below and help us celebrate the success of our students who have made the Academic Lists for the 3rd quarter of 2012! (Contact your campus or location for details on qualification requirements, certificates, etc.)


Stevens-Henager College | Ogden/West Haven Campus

Academic Lists: 3rd Quarter 2013

              Honor Roll            

Dean's List

President's List

Baxter, Katie

Aardema, Wendy

Anaya, Kerissa

Behling, Alisha

Alexander, Cori

Bowersox, Larry

Birky, Benjamin

Assmann, Shane

Brower, Stacy

Brown, Jessica

Blank, Jana

Carswell, Marybeth

Capati, Glenn

Brehm, Megan

Crofts, Kayliegh

Corless, Tammie

Brown Natalie

Durbin, Jennifer

Crawford, Annie

Caldwell, William

Ellis, Emily

Deichmann, Jamie

Call, Kami

Harper, Shawna

Dellamar, Ava

Call, Shranda

Jensen, Diana

Dunn, Wendy

Cluff, Sara

Johnston, Jasmine

Dunyon, Mykelle

Collins, Melissa

Kendall, Breanna

Ferguson, Keith

Coster, Stephen

Kolschefsky, Holly

Flint, Kelly

Crane, Amy

Milligan, Russell

Forsberg, Shelby

Davis Craig

Recktenwald, Amanda

Franklin, Crystal

Day, Misty

Richards, Bonnie

Frost, Edith L

Delgado, Paula

Slussar, Kortney

Gallegos, Jacob

Denny, Jennifer

Smith, Kim

Gordon, John

Dinsdale, Timothy

Thirkill, Sharla

Gustafson, Ana

Estes, Melica

Tomes, Jacquelyn

Hadley, Nathan

Giles, Sandy

Hanson, Matthew

Hancock, Mandi

Hill, Scott

Hansen, Brooke

Huston, Megan

Hartman, Alexis L

Jeppsen, Ashley

Hollis, Valerie

Jeske, Melissa

Huggins, Rylee

Kinder, Jamie


Lambert, Kerysten


Magana, Diana


Malone, Wynne

Kirk, Florence

Mattinson, Hali

LaMar, Tori

McDonald, Nikole

Luker, Amelia

Mclean, Mallory

Marsh, Cami

Miller, Lisa

Miller, Sasha M

Morgan, Michelle

Normington, Carson

Moss, Lisa

Parrill, Nick

Neimoyer, Melissa

Peterson, Rebecca

Olsen, Tiffanie

Pettit, Carter

Osborne. Savanah

Reasbeck, jr., Joseph

Perry, Heidi

Richardson, Annicka

Postal, Janice

Rocha, Seida

Prather, Patricia

Rodgers, Andrea

Raedel, Chelsey

Rollins, Abraham

Ramirez, Teri

Rollow-Duran, Melissa


Rhoades, Angela

Ropelato, Jessica

Rhodes, Keshley

Rose, Kristy

Sandstrom, Bailey

Scarlet, Ondray

Shields, Janelle

Shirra, LeeAnn

Slattery, Faith A

Soule, Robert

Smith, Elizabeth M

Stanley, Beverly

Smith, Mary

Thompson, Rachael

Smith, Robert

Ticknor, Shaneil

Talbot, Nate

Ulibarri, Derek

Wandling-Wells, Amber

Vickery-Hoyt, Rhonda


Wegener, Charles

Welker, Camille

Workman, Nikki

Wilson, Melissa

Woodward, Jeremy

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