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As you prepare for college, you’ll want to investigate all the options you have for financial aid. Most students qualify for some type of aid. We’ll walk you through what kind of funding is available and help you figure out what you may be eligible to receive. Scholarships, grants, and loans are just some of the financial aid options available if you qualify.

Where to Look for Student Financial Aid
Do you know where to find all your financial aid options? These funding resources may help make college more affordable:
  • Federal: When you complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you can find out what federal grants and loans you qualify for. If you’ve served in the military, you could get additional benefits.
  • State: States also use your FAFSA information to decide if you’re eligible for state-funding grants or scholarships, which include need-based assistance. We’ll help you see if you could qualify for aid in your state.
  • Institutional: We offer scholarships1 and affordable tuition payment plans. You’re investing your trust in us, so we invest in you.
  • Private: Companies large and small offer different types of aid for college students, including loans and scholarships. We’ll help you explore these options.


Financial Aid Questions
How much aid can I qualify for?

How do I apply for financial aid?

Federal School FAFSA Code

Where do I find out more information about federal student aid?

More than Half of Students Receive Federal Aid


The U.S. Department of Education awards about $150 billion in grants, loans, and work-study funds to students every year.² In a recent year, 57% of students received such aid, according to data from that department. You’re not alone in your need for financial aid, and there are many places to find it beyond the federal government.


If you’re not sure how to start finding the aid you need for your degree, call us at 800-622-2640 to talk to a financial planner. We’ll help you identify all your sources of potential funding and come up with a plan to apply.

Available Aid Programs

For those serving in the military or with veteran status, click here for details about military benefits.


Student Aid ProgramType of AidProgram DetailsAnnual Max Award Limits
Federal Pell Grant

Grant: does not have to be repaid.Available almost exclusively to undergraduates; all eligible students will receive the Federal Pell Grant amounts they qualify for.$5,815 (2010/2011 school year). Subject to change every July 1st.
Federal Supplemental
Educational Opportunity
Grant (FSEOG)
Grant: does not have to be repaid.For undergraduates with exceptional financial need; priority is given to Federal Pell Grant recipients; funds depend on availability at school.Amounts vary depending on school's allocation.
Federal Work Study
Money is earned while attending school; does not have to be repaid.For undergraduates with exceptional financial need; priority is given to Federal Pell Grant recipients; funds depend on availability at school.No annual maximum.
Federal Perkins Loan

Loan: must be repaid.Five percent loans for both undergraduate and graduate students; payment is owed to the school that made the loan.$5,500 for undergraduate students;
$8,000 for graduate students.
Direct Subsidized Loan

Loan: must be repaid.Direct Subsidized: U.S. Department of Education pays interest while borrower is in school and during grace and deferment periods.$3,500 to $8,500, depending on grade level.
Direct Unsubsidized Loan

Loan: must be repaid.Direct Unsubsidized: Borrower is responsible for interest during life of the loan.$4,000 to $18,500, depending on grade level (If you do not qualify for Direct Subsidized loan).
Federal PLUS Loan

Loan: must be repaid.Available to parents of dependent undergraduate students.Cost of attendance minus any other financial aid the student receives.

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  1. Scholarship awards are available only to those who qualify, and they are limited in number. For details, visit
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