GED® Recipient Scholarships

Stevens-Henager College realizes how challenging it is for a student to come back to school and earn his or her GED. We are pleased to offer the Build a Better Future Scholarship to help these students continue with their education and pursue a career-focused college degree.

The Build a Better Future Scholarship award is for $3,000. There is no limit on the number of awards that can be given each year by the college’s campuses.

To apply for the Build a Better Future Scholarship, an applicant should contact the Stevens-Henager campus they are interested in attending. To be eligible, an applicant must:

  1. 1. Completed one of our college’s GED preparation programs
  2. 2. Provide proof that the student earned his or her GED
  3. 3. Apply for this scholarship within one year of earning his or her GED
General Details
  • Applicant must submit all application materials at least one week prior to starting school.
  • Applicant can receive only one scholarship award from the college.
  • The scholarship is awarded ratably, by term, over the course of the student’s program. A term is normally four months.
  • Scholarship recipients must meet all program and college-entrance requirements.
  • Scholarships are non-transferable, apply only to tuition, and do not result in a cash payment to students. All scholarships are a credit toward tuition charges.
  • To remain eligible for the Build a Better Future Scholarship, a recipient must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 throughout his or her enrollment. If recipient’s cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0, he or she will lose the scholarship and all future awards will be cancelled.
  • If a recipient withdraws or is terminated, the scholarship is permanently forfeited.
  • Scholarships are available only to those who qualify, and they are limited in number.